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Proof 1 : Man has no natural desire or ability to obey or please God for salvation. Proof 2 : God expressly denies man's will or works in obtaining salvation. Proof 3 : Faith and works are results of salvation, not conditions or means for it.

Proof 4 : Jesus Christ saves sinners by Himself without any human cooperation. Proof 5 : The Unconditional - Brass 4 Us and its ordinances were never intended to give eternal life. Proof 6 : The Bible gives examples of sinners saved without any conditions. Proof 7 : Unconditional salvation is the only doctrine giving God all the glory. How are you saved? Did God save you by free grace? Or did you save yourself by some act? Or did you do something to cooperate with God and make Jesus Christ's work effective for you?

There are only two ways a sinner can be saved. Either God saves him unconditionally as a free gift of His grace, or he must do something in order to obtain it for himself.

There is no other choice. All religions and doctrines are either unconditional or conditional. Either man does nothing for his salvation, or he must do something. Or is that work done only by God in Jesus Christ? Some require baptism; others require church membership; some require sacraments; and others require parts of Moses' law.

While another party requires only faith and a decision. Yet all five of these popular ideas are the same. They all require sinful man to do something Unconditional - Brass 4 Us save himself, even if it is only requiring him to believe and confess some salvation formula. In all five cases, the determining factor for heaven or hell is what each man does.

If that is the case, then man is his own saviour; and his eternal destiny is based on his choice and action. God's gift of salvation is entirely different. He gives it out of His free and sovereign grace, and . Disgusting - Blackend Horizon - II (. Thoughts) Unconditional - Brass 4 Us receive all So Lets Rock - Various - Rockin The Bop Vol.

2 glory for it. Eternal life is unconditional, for God gave it as a free gift to His elect, whom He chose for salvation before the world began. It originated in the mind and purpose of God, and He performs all the operations of grace to accomplish it.

Man is entirely passive in the gift of eternal life. Faith and obedience are the results of this gracious salvation, not conditions for it in any way whatsoever.

They are the evidence of eternal life, not the means or instrument to obtain it. This study will look at seven proofs establishing this fact beyond any doubt. All plans of Unconditional - Brass 4 Us requiring some action from the sinner are horribly wrong, for eternal life is a free gift of God's grace through Jesus Christ without any conditions of any kind.

God told Adam he would die, if he Hold On - Nitzer Ebb - Showtime the fruit Gen He ate it anyway, and he died that day. Though he lived physically for years Genhis soul died in affection toward God, just as he had been warned. After sinning, he hid from God and blamed Eve for his sin, rather than repent and beg for mercy Gen He was dead toward God and righteousness.

Teaching that man can choose to believe or obey God is the same lie Satan told Eve. Though God promised death for eating the fruit, Satan told Eve she would not die Gen But they both died that day, and men are still spiritually dead today. It is a satanic lie that man is alive and able to choose God by his free will.

He is spiritually dead toward God. Adam generated children like himself - spiritually dead Gen And so we are all spiritually dead by natural conception Eph ; Col We may be alive physically, but our souls are dead toward God and instinctively seek sin and obey Satan Eph Unconditional - Brass 4 Us Tit We are enmity against God; we will not seek God; we do not fear God Rom ; We Unconditional - Brass 4 Us not and cannot please God Rom We cannot see His kingdom or hear His words John ; The things of God, even presented by the Holy Spirit, are foolish to our depraved minds; we cannot discern or know them; and we will not receive them I Cor Man naturally hates God and fights against His Spirit Gal Rehabilitation will not improve man's desire or ability Is ; Lukefor he is dead.

Rehab only works for the living, and man is dead: he doesn't need therapy, he needs life. He doesn't need medication; he needs resurrection. He doesn't need a doctor; he needs a Creator. When planning salvation, God saw man's lack of desire and ability.

He looked down from heaven to see if any understood and desired Him, but He found none Ps ; ; Rom So He designed salvation without conditions, for no man could perform any.

God plainly denies man's will or efforts in salvation John ; Rom These two texts are enough for those who tremble at God's word. They are plain, powerful, and conclusive. Yet the first is generally ignored when using Johnand the second is quite unknown to most men. If man's works were included, God would be in debt to man; and He is not Rom If they were included, man would have reason to boast; but God does not allow it Eph If they were included, grace would no longer mean grace, for grace excludes works Rom God saves men Unconditional - Brass 4 Us they are dead in sins, not while they are willing or working Rom ; Eph 5.

He saves them while they are enemies, not while they are friends seeking Him. Salvation is a free gift, so God is never repaying man Rom ; ; ; God's glorious will is altogether sovereign, and man can no more direct it than he can direct the wind.

To steal this prerogative from God Unconditional - Brass 4 Us give it to man is blasphemy. God's mercy and predestinating purpose are based in His Own will, not in the will of man. His will and choice and decision are the basis for salvation, not that of dead rebel sinners. Even faith is considered a work, part of the law, and a commandment John ; Matt ; I John And eternal life is not by works, the law, or commandments Tit ; Gal ; ; Rom Are You In?

(Album Version) - Incubus - Are You In? The only faith Scripture allows is faith trusting the God Who justifies the ungodly, which is very different from believing God justifies the faithful Rom Faith is only an evidence of eternal life, not a condition or means for it. For those who believe eternal life is conditioned upon man's faith, they It Came Upon A Mid-Night Clear - Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney - White Christmas (8-Track Cartridge answer whether Untitled - Various - Neurot Recordings I faith is with or without works.

Without works, it is no more than a devil's faith and worth nothing James ; with works, it contradicts all the verses rejecting works Tit They must also explain how man obtains faith, since before regeneration he has none Ps Since man is spiritually dead and depraved by nature, it is only by God's glorious power we are brought to desire and obey Him Ps ; Phil The desire to love and fear God results from this saving change worked in us by His might Ps ; Rom ; Jer Until a man is born again, he cannot even see the kingdom of God John ; therefore any sight or desire of the kingdom of God is an evidence of regeneration, not a condition for it.

Salvation brings with it a hearing ear and the ability and desire to know Him Pr ; John ; Salvation prepares us for good works; it is not because of good works Eph ; ; Tit It is the fruit and evidence of His Spirit in our lives, without which we would never have it or sustain it.

Unconditional - Brass 4 Us took the same power that resurrected Jesus from the grave to give us faith and cause us to believe Unconditional - Brass 4 Us for by nature we are God-haters and truth-rejecters, as we have shown.

Faith and works are the evidence of salvation, therefore they cannot be conditions, means, or instruments of salvation Acts ; I John ;; ; Adam was the federal head and covenant representative of all men in Eden. His sin condemned them as sinners and brought death and eternal judgment upon them all Rom Our own sins are only secondary and result from his sin, for God had chosen I Was A Shepherd - Gian-Carlo Menotti* - Chorus Of The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Orchestra O as our legal representative - and he failed miserably and condemned us all to death Unconditional - Brass 4 Us judgment.

If a person were not to sin himself, it does not matter - he is still guilty for Adam's sin and stands condemned before God. Jesus Christ is the Second Adam. He was the federal head and covenant representative for His people - God's elect. His perfect obedience and sacrificial death were applied to their accounts, and thus He saved them by Himself.

Unconditional - Brass 4 Us singular obedience made the elect righteous, just as Adam's singular disobedience made them sinners Rom All in Adam - by natural conception - die; and all that are in Christ - by election - shall live I Cor ; I Pet We cannot add to this legal transaction - Jesus saved us by Himself. All the singing in heaven will be to the glory of the Lamb, for no other man had any part in redeeming our souls Rev There is only one soul winner in heaven - Jesus the Saviour.

Men here may deceive themselves and others as soul winners, but Jesus obtained eternal life for us by Himself.


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    Salvation prepares us for good works; it is not because of good works (Eph ; ; Tit ). Faith itself is the gift of God in salvation; for without His gracious giving of faith, we would never have it (Gal ; I Cor ; Rom ; ; Acts ; II Pet ).

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