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Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS)

Label: Not On Label (Trial Self-released) - none • Format: VHS PAL • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: EBM, Electro, Industrial
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Log in or Sign up. Alternate History Discussion. May 29, Dec 25, But over time the French conquered the region step by step, until in France annexed the last bits of the County for itself. In catholic France the Peugeots Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS) unusual in that they are Lutherans, among few of the movers and shakers of France to be so. Another attribute of the family is the strong attachment to their home region.

Real life as well Founded inby the midth century the Peugeot Corporation had several factories running in the Montbelliard We Crush - Slogun - We Human Animal. Then the Romanic-Germanic War happened. After the war, the new border with Germany meant that one part of the factories were located in France, the other now in Germany, at least for a while since that part of land would be part of the referendum in For Peugeot itself the problem was not that big.

Being a major factor of work, the German government had given the firm rather magnanimous terms for keeping the factories open, instead of moving it. The family was divided on what to do, in special since there was pressure from Paris to relocate the factories. It took Dada Rhym. - Various - Cylence Fiction time, many discussions and a lot of bad blood until a compromise was found.

Moving the factories would have been really expensive, something the French government did not want to pay for, so in the situation was settled as follows. Relocation or closing would be expensive, something Peugeot did not want to pay for by itself and since Paris despite Display To Me.

- Napalm Death - MP3 Collection adamancy on this topic, did not want to pay for that either, the factories would keep running, no matter if on French or German soil. Peugoet had no wish to go bankrupt or weaken their home area just for fancy ideas concocted in Paris by the new government. To pacify the hawks in the capital, Peugeot agreed to construct new factories further away from the border.

This created rifts inside the family, deepened by the loaded question how far the company should venture into the newly emerging field of automobiles. InArmand Peugeot, the main proponent for the automobile sector and who had good connections to Gottlieb Daimler, decided to create facts.

His branch of the family would take leadership of the German division of Peugeot and start producing cars there if the others were too timid to consider it. Soon Peugeot Deutschland started producing cars, while Peugeot Francaise was lagging behind. This time correctly sensing a problem, Paris promised governmental help for the French division if they too started constructing cars.

While the family never fully broke apart, the different circumstances of life in Germany and France certainly led to the two factory branches developing apart into new entities. One of the most obvious examples was the yearwhen during the World War Peugeot Deutschland produced Panzerkampfwagen for the Kaiserliche Heer and the French Peugeot branch built Chars de blinde for the Armee francaise just 60 kilometers distant. While both Peugeot branches still produce cars and various of their famous grinders, the list of products is different today.

The French part of Peugeot became the main producer of motorbikes in France and one of the two most important ones in the Union Romanique.

German Peugeot on the other hand is quite active in household appliances, expanding from their oldest product. Both firms work for their respective countries military and are active in motor sports. Today in the 21th century racing colours for cars are just a tradition, considering the many advertisments on the cars, but here the differences get obvious.

French racing Peugeots are coated in "La Bleu de France", while the cars from Soschen are in white or silver, following German tradition. Since the Union Romanique and the Zollverein have begun to cooperate closer in the last quarter century to cross some divides in Europe, ties between the two variants of Peugeot have become tighter again.

Capitano, you have to see this! The Italian Army had taken several trench sectors on the Austrian side of the Po River in their last attack. What the first months of the war showed very well was that the Italian front was as sluggish as the German western front. The Austrians had a Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS) fortified position in both Lombardy and Venezia and were rather happy to let the Italians run against it, while the majority of the Austrian forces Lueller - Lulu Belle And Scotty - Down Memory Lane on the Balkans and in Russia.

While the Austrian High Command would have liked to attack the Italians, that had to wait until the situation in the East was different. One thing was fixed, though. Ever since the backstab from France in and the recapture of the Lombardy in thethe Austrian Army made a promise to itself to never part with their Italian lands again. It helped to an extend that unlike the majority of Austro-Italians saw Vienna as the "lesser evil". Still an ongoing process, Austria was slowly reforming the convoluted internal situation and unlike the Austria of was rather stable and had some prestige racked up over the decades.

Another factor was the financial side. This was even more the case for Venice. While it was doubtful that they would become the greatest supporters of Vienna, under Austrian rule the old city was a very important harbour and rather rich. Should they become part of Italy, the fate was obvious.

Being downgraded to a port among many and goodbye money! That was something not really clear to many Italian soldiers, who had banked in part on an uprising by the Austro-Italians. But while the majority of the Austro-Italians were no big fans of being ruled by the Austrians, they preferred at least under the current situation to throw in with the rest of Austria.

A lot of the fighting in the first months were artillery duels across the Po and Ticino rivers, which were the border between Austria and Italy. The few "real" infantry fights were in southeast Lombardy and Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS) Veneto, the only and rather small parts of Austria south of Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS) Po.

Beside holding the line, Austrian advances were rare and limited in scope. They were mostly conducted into southwestern Lombardy, the only piece of Lombardy belonging to Italy. With the Schwerpunkt being in the Pavia area, under the guns of the prepared Austrian fortifications there. But Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS) one parameter of the operations on the Italian peninsular was letting the Italians bleed themselves, the front was comparatively static.

The Austrian trenches were well-prepared and all attacks of their own in the beginning of the war had been repelled with high losses on their side. Oh, they had taken trench parts, but could never hold onto them long. Junior officer and even some senior officers near the frontlines had repeatedly told High Command that there were Austrian border sectors less prepared, but no, sector 47 was attacked again and again with always the same result - failure.

When in the morning another assault on the Austrian lines across the river was started, Caprese and his men simply hoped to survive. The soldiers were swarming out and searching for anything useful, when Fausto Caprese had been called by one of his men.

He followed him into something of a "living room", one of the dwelling areas for the soldiers at the front. These more or less holes in the ground were nothing much to look at, but Caprese had the dark feeling that the longer the war would go on, the more elaborate the trenches would become. Maybe the Austrians had to resort to fielding green units, because they needed more soldiers in the East? Had it been an Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS) unit, finally seeing the light for Italy?

But he did not want to look a gift horse in the mouth and waited what the Sergeant had for him. Sergeant Padelli had three things in his hands, obviously from several backpacks and chests.

It was clearly done by a professional photographer and showed a young pair before a castle or Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS), going by the festive clothes it might be from a wedding. But what had made Padelli show him this one was the woman. She was lovely with Asian features in a dress Fausto had no idea how it was called.

Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS) was interesting, since with the exception of one country, Asians were rare in Europe. The second item was a war diary, according to the name, it belonged to one Shinzo Oshima and the last item was an official gazette. In civilian life Fausto worked for a firm with contacts into Austria, so he knew I Read Your File - Roger Chapman - Mango Crazy bits and pieces of German.

Fausto groaned silently. The feeling in the back of his mind, when the assault had started in the morning had not betrayed him. The Germans had sent help for the Austrians. It did not matter how few or many, because today and here it was something that impacted his command. What could it be? Caprese was already moving to the door opening, when he addressed Padelli. Luca, rally our men!

We have to get to the Blut Und Eisen - Trial - Live In Concert (VHS) and boats-" "But we are not- I mean the assault runs perfectly! I am sure of it! Send a runner to Capitano Rabini from 1st battalion and tell him to cover our retreat and that he should be carefully watching for surprises at the boat rally point.

If we do so without-" "Luca, I take the resposibility! We know that our regional Command is too dumb to plan an assault on a toilet hut, still it runs great for now. No matter if the Germans sent here are a token force or better, they are not some militia, but a unit with some reknown. We retreat! But Fausto was convinced that something was wrong. The battle noise became much louder again and nearing fast, despite his men were retreating.

Then a runner pulled at his side. Why the heck should the same rubbish planning suddenly function? Which was justified only moments later, when rifle barrels popped up from hiding and hand clapping could be heard coming from the just a few meters down the shore line.

A German officer with a small entourage started speaking Rhythm of Life - Various - Library Of Sound Grooves: Jazz Expressions From The Italian Cinema (1963- Caprese, translated by a man in Austrian uniform.

You soldiers are the only unit to smell the trap we sprung. Unfortunately for you, we made sure that you would not cross the river again early on.

Now we can senselessly fight over boats which will not swim or you can make the right choice and surrender to us! Any Cuando Te Canses - Los Primos - Lo Mejor De Los Primos in a hypothetical fight for the boats would be in vain and senseless.

He spoke up. I, Captain Fausto Caprese, surrender my men and myself to you. Might I know your name? I am Oberleutnant Lieutenant 1st Class Rommel.


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