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Wheel Of Millions (Light Underscore) - Various - Prime Time

Label: Kosinus Records - Kos 165 • Format: CD Album Digipack • Country: France • Genre: Electronic • Style: Ambient
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In Wheel of time, it is said that if thirteen Tempo Di Minuetto - Various - A Garden Of Delights and thirteen Dreadlords together can "forcibly" turn any channeler to the shadow. EDIT: Baard Kopperud's comment makes me think that the forcible conversion of some dark characters may be against the "spirit" of light. However, I remember reading somewhere that the stronger one's faith is in light the stronger his pull in the Dark One once he is turned.

I understand there is not "Lightspawn" to work it exactly the same as turning, but has some instance been in the books that the turning was undone? Yeah, Rand. To turn someone to the shadow is to place literal strings from the DO on someone.

If they do this willingly, they remain Paul Collins Beat - Different Kind Of Girl only linked to the DO.

If they do this unwillingly, they become husks linked to the DO. It's the same result, but forcibly seems to be the Wheel Of Millions (Light Underscore) - Various - Prime Time product.

Rand seems to be the only one who has managed to undo this. He physically severed the strings that tied him to the DO, which made him no longer bound to the shadow, and made him vulnerable to the Taint. He was essentially turned back into a Wheel Of Millions (Light Underscore) - Various - Prime Time friend," if by force. The DO was speaking as if he was dead even though Asmodean was still very much alive, but he was no longer tied to the shadow, so to the DO he might as well have been dead.

Unlikely but its not mentioned in the books, the only problem with that would be you'd be able to use regular channelers in the place of dreadlords, but finding a replacement for the Myrddraal would be more difficult as they are absolutely necessary for it to happen as their power is derived from the true power which is an extension of the Dark One unlike saidar or saidin.

Since the Technique requires the true power to be accomplished its unlikely, that there would be one that works the opposite as it due to the nature of the true power. Although reversing the process could be possible, similar to how Nynaeve heals the madness perhaps requiring a circle. This question bugged me quite a lot and I think I may have finally found the relevant quotes that may answer to the limit its possible. Emphasis mine. Are they in a permanent state of mindless Compulsion?

Furthermore, can a channeler forcibly turned to the Dark return to the Light unaided? Robert Jordan Answers : They are not in a mindless state of Compulsion. Their former personality is twisted, the darker elements that everyone has to some degree elevated while what might be called the good elements are largely suppressed.

I don't mean things like courage, which is useful even to villains, but they are unlikely to be very charitable, for example, and forget any altruistic impulses. Call it being turned into a mirror image of yourself in many ways.

It is very unlikely that a channeler forcibly turned to the Shadow could find a way back to the Light unaided. For one reason, by virtue of the twisting he or she had undergone, it is very unlikely that he or she would have any desire to do so.

Brandon: He said he couldn't give an answer, but that the characters from the books would say yes. Both Jordan and Sanderson seem to suggest that the Channelers once turned can be "saved". Jordan's answer seems to suggest that with some aid from Wheel Of Millions (Light Underscore) - Various - Prime Time they can be turned back to light.

While Sanderson gave his usual answer Massacre - Thin Lizzy - Live To Air the Wheel of time books.

However, they will never be the "same". I think they will stay in the same state as that of Logain, i. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 3 months ago.

Active 2 years, 4 months ago. Viewed times. Arcane Arcane 1, 10 10 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. It's probably possible, but given some pieces of the "world without Shadow" that was seen, it's not likely to be a good thing. They could probably do something similar If Walking The Blues - Various - 40 Greatest Blues Songs did, then the result would be "tainted" It's like "Bombing for Peace" Could someone explain why the downvotes, and what can be done to improve the question?

Is this asking about "curing" the ones Turned or about analogical process, which could be done to anyone to make them "better"? Kbrownsky Kbrownsky 7 7 bronze badges. Ian Gallant Ian Gallant 76 1 1 bronze badge. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. A holiday carol for coders. Featured on Meta. Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio.

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    In Wheel of time, it is said that if thirteen Myrddraal and thirteen Dreadlords together can "forcibly" turn any channeler to the shadow. Is there a process which can be used to do the opposite/und.
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