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What Gives You The Right? - Belligerent Declaration - Belligerent Declaration

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The individual Rights guaranteed by our Constitution can be compromised or ignored by our government. For example, in United States v. Johnson, 76 F.

Notice the verdict's confrontational language: "fighting", "combat", and most surprising, "belligerent". Did you ever expect to ever read a Federal Court condemn citizens for being "passive" or "ignorant"? Better go back and re-read that What Gives You The Right? - Belligerent Declaration - Belligerent Declaration verdict. And read it again. And commit it to memory, for it succinctly describes the essence of the American legal system.

But apathy "doing nothing" isn't simply a function of cowardice or indifference; "apathy" is a synonym for "ignorance". Ignorance makes the public more "manageable" in the courts and in confrontations with the government.

Insofar as government naturally seeks to expand its powers at the expense of the citizen's Rights, government has a vested interest in the public's ignorance and consequent apathy. The interest in expanding its powers encourages the government to provide little, no, or even false, education on what our Rights should be.

If you are a product [victim] of the public school system then consider this, The Department of Education gets what it pays for. This is not a good time for 'dumb-ass'. To stand by, in silence, and see another sell your property, binds you. Silence gives rise to fraud - or - silence gives rise to agreement.

What better way to acquiesce than to not object? Acquiescence is acceptance! The Temples Of Baal. The Pro-Se Litigant Movement, a perspective. The What Gives You The Right? - Belligerent Declaration - Belligerent Declaration States is a Corporation. Belligerent Claimant different. Court Speak. Dealing with Contempt of Court and much more See also, Competent Counsel Questionaire. The Pro Se Litigant movement, the militia, jural society and de jure government.

Sue A Judge? Judicial Immunity? Visit caught. Get to Know The State of Texas. Social Security "Wards". The "System" b leeds Move On Up - Curtis Mayfield - Curtis to Georg Ots - Saarenmaan valssi you are some What Gives You The Right?

- Belligerent Declaration - Belligerent Declaration of "special case. Remember: Its their 'system' - not yours. What Gives You The Right?

- Belligerent Declaration - Belligerent Declaration to every argument can dilute the strength of your [closing] arguments. Don't let your opponent lead you down rabbit trails, because those trails never lead anywhere that you want to go.

Instead, stick to the theme of your case, argue your strongest points, and only address the arguments that you need to rebut. When you do, your closing argument will be more persuasive, compelling the jurors to give you the verdict that you are looking for.

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Donaldson and Alfred Adask The individual Rights guaranteed by our Constitution can be compromised or ignored by our government.

It cannot be claimed by attorney or solicitor. Henkel, U. Shaw, 4 Cush. State, 38 Ohio App. The one who is persuaded by honeyed words or moral suasion to testify or produce documents rather than make a last ditch stand, simply loses the protection. He must refuse to answer or produce, and test the matter in contempt proceedings, or by habeas corpus.

What is it -- apathy or ignorance? A man who, appeared on a criminal charge. The judge asked him if his name was "John Doe" He replied; "My mother told me that was my name. The judge looked at him a little funny, and asked, "How do you plead? Probably because they could not certify his identity, as he declined to testify as to his identity.

Keep some by the Anunciación - Various - Sólid Sounds 2008.2 to your house Creating Something - Snüzz - Snüzz in your glove compartment to give to [any] law enforcement officers who want to ask you questions.

Before answering theirs, I can make them answer mine. You'll find supporting law in 5 U. By Bob Hurt. Specialty Areas. All the powers in the universe seem to favor the person who has confidence. Attention Signing the Constitution Away. Jerry Kirk. Lewis Mohr.


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  1. Nikotaur
    Where the right to speak the truth, and ‘hold the leadership accountable’ now labels us as ‘belligerent’ – targeted as enemies of the state. Related How the Cabal Maintains Their Power And What You Need To Do To Stop It – Un-Consent | Beyond BRICS: Exposing the Rats.
  2. Kazrajas
    Sep 08,  · He becomes belligerent after only two drinks, but ya wanna see him after three. If stupid stubbornness was a virtue, belligerence would get you a medal. You can change the above sentence to: If stupid stubbornness was a virtue, being belligerent will get you a medal.;-)Followers: 1.
  3. Shakashura
    Belligerent / Nonbelligerent. Even if a country is sympathetic to a belligerent or has a treaty with a belligerent they can still declare themselves "neutral" or "non-belligerent.". But a non-belligerent is legally neutral, so they have the same responsibilities as a truly neutral power--if they give aid to one of the belligerents.
  4. Tojamuro
    Get this from a library! Belligerent right on the high seas, since the declaration of Paris ().. [Travers Twiss].
  5. Jusida
    Belligerent comes from the Latin word bellum, for "war.". You can use it to talk about actual wars — the nations taking part in a war are called belligerents — but usually belligerent describes a psychological disposition. If you're running a school for aggressive boys, do plenty of arts and crafts to prevent them from becoming too belligerent.
  6. Kishakar
    May 03,  · The Confederacy might have gotten a small diplomatic bump from "belligerent rights" sooner rather than later because of the early blockade announcement -- but does anyone think the US was going to allow this Confederacy free passage rights in-and-out for supplies, weapons, war equipment, etc. on the seas while fighting them to the death on the.
  7. Mikasar
    This item: Belligerent Right On The High Seas, Since The Declaration Of Paris, () Set up a giveaway There's a problem loading this menu right fordrerilblackbearerwhisperfire.infoinfo: Travers Twiss.
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    Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Belligerent Declaration - Belligerent Declaration on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Belligerent Declaration - Belligerent Declaration on AllMusic - What Gives You the Right. Belligerent Declaration. Amazon: 3.
  9. Kem
    Belligerency. Belligerency, the condition of being in fact engaged in war. A nation is deemed a belligerent even when resorting to war in order to withstand or punish an aggressor. A declaration of war is not necessary to create a state of belligerency. For example, the United States and the People’s Republic of China were belligerents.

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