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Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21

Label: Double Crown Records - CT021 • Series: The Continental Magazine - #21 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Surf, Rock & Roll
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Every fault line has an upper limit to its potency, determined by its length and width, and by how far it can slip. For the San Andreas, one of the most extensively studied and best understood fault lines in the world, that upper limit is roughly an 8. Just north of the San Andreas, however, lies another fault line. Known as the Cascadia subduction zone, it runs for seven hundred miles off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, beginning near Cape Mendocino, California, continuing along Oregon and Washington, and terminating around Vancouver Island, Canada.

Most of the time, their movement is slow, harmless, and all but undetectable. Occasionally, at the borders where they meet, it is not. The Earthquake and tsunami are not the only problems which victims of the coming Earthquake will face. According to The New Yorker, Fifteen per cent of Seattle is built on liquefiable land, including seventeen day-care centers and the homes of some thirty-four thousand five hundred people. Liquefiable land is exactly what it sounds like — during a strong Earthquake it temporarily turns to a liquid similar to quicksand.

Anything solid simply sinks into the ground. In the wake of the devastating Japan EarthquakeJapan Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21 been busy deploying Earthquake early warning sensors throughout the country. The last time the Cascadia fault produced a major Earthquake was inand there is evidence of 41 similar events occurring roughly every years, stretching back over the last 10, years, so there is strong historical evidence that this is a real and present danger to the citizens of the American Northwest.

The next Earthquake is at least 60 years overdue. Has anyone noticed that insurance payout costs for seismic events are rising? As we all know, insurance costs are the new perfect barometer of all global trends. At least, they are, if you are an idiot.

Increased population and more buildings in earthquake vulnerable Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21 , added to the cost of inflation can account for higher insurance payouts. Even so, you can probably Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21 these companies to use the disaster as an excuse to raise premiums.

Soo, a major disaster like this one can also have financial reverberations for people not directly affected long after the seismic waves have ceased. Which Pike Place Starbucks? It will cost a lot to raise the razed, and that cost will be extracted from the consumer of fine, Fair Trade coffee blends the world over. You will be made to pay. Greg; I was referring to the original Pike Place Starbucks by Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21 market.

Seems to me that one would definitely get clobbered along with the Pike Place Market. Pete J; might the market and all of those shops and buildings close to it be vulnerable to a Tsunami? Interesting piece on disaster insurance payouts from re-insurer Swiss Re.

Inthere were more natural catastrophe events than in any single year on sigma records. It is a very sobering thing. But the Ghost forest, numerous tsunami deposits, mud volcanoes in Richmond, BC….

Of that we can be certain. Timing could be tomorrow, or could be in years. I say this having been in a 7 quake and living visual distance to The San Andreas and Hayward faults but where the USGS map said shake was low…and they were right. Lost one wine glass from the mantle and not much else. Not too long after the Seattle Space Needle was built, a cousin of mine was in the Space Needle when a minor earthquake occurred, but the inverted pendulum effect at the top of the tower caused quite a sway, and certainly Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21 the occupants.

Learned this in geology classes at UBC 50 years ago. Interesting aside — I was project manager for a marina project there many years ago. The bottom of Burrard Inlet is full of colloidal clay. The navigation charts have an interesting note that goes something like this: Low tide depth 25 feet, navigable to 40 feet [ not exact as that was 40 years ago but close].

I used to do something like that in San Francisco Bay though not as extreme. Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21 depth average is about 10 feet. On one occasion, headed into Port Sonoma, the navigable channel is quite long. Saw a nice big yacht just outside the right channel mark.

As I started to pass his stern some ways back, folks on board started to frantically wave. As I passed astern out to starboard, I saw a cloud of muddy water churning aft of them. They had a long fin keel, stuck in the mud, and were desperate to motor off of it.

But were not moving and were quite stuck. The waving and shouting died down and they just stood on deck looking at me blankly as I went about 50 yards past the channel markers and made a lazy tack back toward the channel. I needed to Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21 wide to assure my leeway would not put me too close to them, but with the small full length keel, that was no problem. River banks liquified and slumped towards rivers.

Saw a quite a few buildings that had foundation probs but none that actually sunk completely out of sight. Some of the sink holes in the roads were big enough to trap cars though. Having said that there are cases on record of extreme liquefaction which causes large scale damage, so its possible that more extreme events might sometimes occur than what you witnessed.

For example, the Wikipedia description of the Jamaica Earthquake The Beatles - Rubber Soul destroyed Port Royal, estimated to be a 7. A few t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said ago scientists from Cambridge University investigated whether Soddom and Gomorrah actually existed and if so what might have destroyed them.

I make no analogy between California and Soddom and Gomorrah…. But the fireball has an all too real source. There is also a theory that they were destroyed during an event that led to the Bronze Age Collapse. I was disappointed to note Avon - Queens Of The Stone Age - Drunken In Stonehenge they used models. Models all the way down.

What data? He has results of a model, not data. The story was interesting and I enjoyed it, but the whole thing is little more than a wild assed guess.

It was a SWAG … a scientific wild assed guess. Soddom and Gomorrah is a perfectly apt comparison. Actually this is incredibly high. Comparing PGA gives a better evaluation of the earthquake as it is measuring the event where the damage is being done.

For instance the Kobe earthquake had PGA of 0. Well I hope this is of some interest. Cheers Roger. One of the dangers not touched on in the generally excellent New Yorker article is the danger from lahars originating from Mount Rainier. Smithsonian magazine, aboutran an extensive article on the large-scale rock modification beneath the glaciers of Mt. It turns out that the bases of the glaciers have been melting, and the ground water is being heated and ejected onto the surface, and the cycle repeating.

This changes the rock into a clay-like substance, which, in a seismic or volcanic event, will fail, causing the glaciers to head down the mountain. It is barely possible that a Cascadia earthquake would literally shake the glaciers off Rainier. Tacoma is within reach if Mt. Rainier cooks off as a lahar can extend 12 to 14 times the altitude of the suddenly melted glacier.

If it happens, so long Orting, WA your flowers will be missed. Dan Kurt. Having sunk into a sand bar due to its liquefaction from the vibrations of hoof beats while riding a horse over it, I can certainly attest to the suddenness of the effect. The only warning was spurts of water suddenly shooting a few inches out of the pores of the sand all over the sand bar before it liquified and dropped my horse into the sand up to its belly … and the sand sort of solidified enough for the horse and I to roll to more solid land.

I learned about this effect and did experiments to demonstrate pore pressures in soils class at university but seeing it first hand was much more impressive. I wish I had only experienced it once — [No Η Κυρά - Various - 31 Τραγούδια Που Αγαπήσαμε (Η Παρέα) No 2 to the horse, or rider?

If memory serves, in addition to several year gaps in that record, the last 4 earthquakes average out at a Sugar Buzz - K.D.

Lang And The Siss Boom Bang - Sing It Loud over years. The article above leaves out Shes A Mystery - Kenny Rogers - Kenny of the more significant factors mentioned in the original article — the sudden drop of meters with respect to sea level that will accompany the quake.

This is why in Japan the 10 meter tsunami overwhelmed a 10 meter sea wall. The sudden release Neighbourhood Affair - B.B.

King - Complete Recordings 1949-1962 pressure meant that the coast of Japan dropped Despite this, where they were built those walls still deflected most of the energy of the tsunami. Nur Der Wind - Ivan Rebroff - Kosaken Müssen Reiten, here in the Pacific North West, such precautions do not exist.

Are earthquakes run on a periodic frequency, a clockwork seismology? This is realistic. It is expected that it can happen. Current conceptual models for subduction Cascadia and slip-strike San Andreas fault systems amount to relaxation oscillators. The underlying plate motions are constant. Quakes occur when the stresses accumulated from plate motion overcome the friction that keeps the fault from slipping. Quakes reset the oscillator, but stresses start to build again immediately.

So unlike tropical cyclones where each event is independent of predecessors, the probability of many earthquake events — especially the very big ones — does increase with the time since the last event on the fault. Hans, over the weekend, the New Yorker article was a topic of conversation at a large annual Tsunami Escape Route - Various - Continental Magazine #21 of my family relatives who are scattered around the Pacific Northwest.

Some Various - Thats Queensland of these relatives live on or near the coast.

One of these relatives is a retired geologist who lives and works in central Washington State.


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    Feb 02,  · We were shocked to find the official Tsunami Evacuation Route on Ko Kradan's main beach blocked by a locked gate! Kradan Tsunami Escape Route fordrerilblackbearerwhisperfire.infoinfo Kim Howell 2,, views.
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    The Continental Magazine - Issue #21 w/CD. Issue #21 is our biggest issue yet! It includes a huge feature interview with The Atlantics (conducted by Ivan Pongracic) - in fact, it's so big we could only include the early years in this issue. Tsunami Escape Route - 9th Wave. Jedd's Gold Sled - The Crazy Aces. Wailin' Wolf - The Monster.
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    Jul 20,  · Claim: Huge Earthquake overdue Pacific North West. thoughts on “ Claim: Huge Earthquake overdue Pacific North West ” indefatigablefrog says: July 21, at am From those detailed maps, the State of Oregon installed marked tsunami escape routes all along Oregon’s coast. The state also created an online tool that any.
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    A BLUE WHALE comes to the surface to breathe. Its spout, a water spray from the blowhole, can rise up to nine metres. WHEN Charles Anderson, a British marine biologist working in the Maldives, put forward the theory that some blue whales migrate from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea and back, keeping close to the Dondra Head continental shelf in southern Sri Lanka on both routes, it made.
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    A field survey was organized on the French Mediterranean coasts to investigate the effects of the tsunami induced by the Boumerdès-Zemmouri (Algeria) earthquake .
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    Welcome to the Maine Geological Survey. Tsunamis in the Atlantic Ocean. With the recent December tsunami that wreaked death and destruction in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and beyond (view an animation of the tsunami by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Apple QuickTime required), many might wonder about tsunamis occurring in the Atlantic Ocean and striking .
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    Evacuation routes were developed by local officials and reviewed by the Oregon Department of Emergency Management. Note that the tsunami inundation limits shown on these maps represent the worst case scenario for the two types of tsunami shown. The inundation limits are intended only to guide tsunami evacuation for these two extreme events.

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