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The Universe - Es:ef: - Fa:ded A.M.

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Scientists analyzing data from a defunct satellite say we should all consider that our universe might be round, rather than flat. The consequences, they explain in a new paper, could be crisis-inducing. Current theories of the universe, which describe its age, size, and how it evolves over time, are built around a flat spacetime. A new paper reiterates that data from the final Planck satellite release might be better explained by a round universe than a flat universe.

The universe might come in one of three shapes: open, closed, or flat. Parallel lines in an open universe will always move farther apart; parallel lines in a closed universe will eventually meet and single lines will eventually meet up with themselves ; and parallel lines in a flat universe will stay parallel forever.

Scientists already knew from Planck satellite data that mass in the universe was warping the the cosmic microwave background radiation, the farthest radiation our telescopes Witchcraft (Intro) - Ketzer - Satans Boundaries Unchained see, more than the standard theory of cosmology predicted.

Perhaps this is a statistical fluctuation or something wrong with the way scientists are interpreting the data—but it would be an incredibly unlikely statistical fluctuation, with less than 1 percent odds. Instead, the team led by Eleonora Di Valentino at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom posited that the observation could be explained simply by a closed universe. This tension falls on the heels of another The Universe - Es:ef: - Fa:ded A.M. issue with the Planck data, called the Hubble tension.

Others highlighted the fact that it may be too early to toss out what many scientists consider to be a core fact of the universe. After all, aside from the Planck data, the lambda-CDM model, which is the standard model of the universe, seems to work really well.

Using just six parameters, it seems to fit our observations of the universe, albeit a flat universe, nearly perfectly. Melchiorri told Gizmodo that questioning The Universe - Es:ef: - Fa:ded A.M. theories is simply science, especially when, to his group, such a discrepancy appears to Abisha - Tralala. Several proposed experiments both on the ground and in space would take more measurements of the cosmic microwave background and either wipe out existing discrepancies as statistical flukes or show scientists that the universe is truly behaving in an unexpected manner.

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