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Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2

Label: EE Tapes - ET55 • Format: CDr Compilation, Limited Edition • Country: Belgium • Genre: Electronic • Style: Industrial, Experimental, Ambient
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This book is published by Liberty Fund, Inc. All rights reserved. Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of, — Originally published: 6th ed. London: Printed by J. Purser, — With new introd. The jest set aside, let us inquire. We have known People, who having the Appearance of great Zeal in Religion, have Edition: current; Page: [ 4 ] yet wanted even the common Affections of Humanity, and Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 themselves extremely degenerate and corrupt.

On the other side, the Men of Wit and Raillery, whose pleasantest Entertainment is in the exposing the weak sides of Religion, are so desperately afraid of being drawn into any serious Thoughts of it, that they look upon a Bonanzad - Orchestre Murphy - Frankincense as guilty of foul Play, who assumes the air of a Free Writer, and at the same time preserves any regard for the Principles of Natural Re Shaftesbury [8] ligion.

Shaftesbury [9]. State of Opinions. If every thing which exists be according to a good Order, and for the best; then of Interzone - Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures there is no such thing as real ILL in the Universe, nothing ILL with respect to the Whole. Shaftesbury [10]. If there be any thing ILL in the Universe from Design, then that which disposes all things, is no one good designing Principle.

For either the one designing Principle is it-self corrupt; or there is some other in being which operates contrarily, and is ILL. Whatsoever is superior in any degree over the World, or rules in Nature with Discernment and a Mind, is what, by universal Agreement, Men call God. If there are several such superior Minds, they are so many Gods: But if that single, or those several Superiors are not Shaftesbury [11] in their nature necessarily good, they rather take the name of Daemon.

To believe no one supreme designing Principle or Mind, but rather two, three, or more, tho in their nature good is to be a Polytheist. There are few who think always consistently, or according to Edition: current; Page: [ 7 ] one certain Hypothesis, upon any Subject so abstruse and intricate as the Cause of all Things, and the OEconomy or Government of the Uni Shaftesbury [12] verse. Shaftesbury [13].

Religion excludes only perfect Atheism. Edition: current; Page: [ 8 ] Perfect Daemonists undoubtedly there are in Religion; because we know whole Nations who worship a Devil or Fiend, to whom they sacrifice and offer Prayers and Supplications, in reality on no other account than Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 they fear him.

And we know very well that, in some Religions, there are those who expresly give no other Idea of God, than Shaftesbury [14] of a Being arbitrary, violent, causing Ill, and ordaining to Misery; which in effect is the same as to substitute a Daemon, or Devil, in his room. A Constitution. WHEN we reflect on any ordinary Frame or Constitution either of Art or Nature; and consider how hard it is to give the least account of a particular Part, without a Shaftesbury [15] competent Knowledg of Denis - Various - The Best Punk Album In The World.Ever! Whole: Whole and Parts.

For to what End in Nature many things, even whole Species Edition: current; Page: [ 9 ] of Creatures, refer; or to what purpose they serve; will be hard for any-one justly to determine: But to what End the many Proportions and various Shapes of Parts in many Creatures actually serve; we are able, by the help of Study and Observation, to demonstrate, with great exactness. We know that there is in reality a right and a wrong State of every Creature; and that his right-one is by Nature forwarded, and by himself affectionately sought.

To this End, if any thing, either in his Appetites, Passions, or Affections, be not conducing, but the contrary; we must of necessity own it ill to him. And in this manner he is ill, with respect to himself; as he certainly is, with respect to others Shaftesbury [16] of his kind, when any such Appetites or Passions make him any-way injurious to them. Interest of the Species. Now, if by the natural Constitution of any rational Creature, the same Irregularitys of Appetite which make him ill to Others, make him ill also to Him-self; and if the same Regularity of Affections, which causes him to be good in one sense, causes him to be good also in the other; Goodness.

And thus Virtue and Interest may be found at last to agree. Of this we shall consider particularly in the latter part of our Inquiry. Our first Design is, to see if we can clearly determine what that Quality is to which we give the Name of Goodness, or Virtue. Private Good. For instance, if an Animal has the Proportions of a Male, it shews he has relation to a Female.

Animal System. In the same manner, if a whole Species of Animals contribute to the Existence or Well-being of some other; then is that whole Species, in general, a Part only of some other System. For instance; To the Existence of the Spider, that of the Fly is absolutely necessary. The Trans-luz - Sien* - Uno Flight, weak Frame, and tender Body of this latter Insect, fit and determine him as much a Prey, as the rough Make, Watchfulness, and Cunning Shaftesbury [19] of the former, fit him for Rapine, and the ensnaring part.

The Web and Wing are suted to each other. And in the Structure of each of these Animals, there is as apparent and perfect a relation to the other, as in our own Bodys there is a relation of Limbs and Organs; or, as in the Branches or Leaves of a Tree, we see a relation of each to the other, and all, in common, to one Root and Trunk. In the same manner are Flies also necessary to the Existence of other Creatures, both Fowls and Fish.

And thus are other Species or Kinds subservient to one another; as being Parts of a certain System, and included in one and the same Order of Beings. System of the Earth. Now, if the whole System of Animals, together with that of Vegetables, and all other things in this inferior World, be properly comprehended in one System of a Globe or Earth: And if, again, this Globe or Earth it-self appears to have a real Dependence on something still beyond; as, for example, either on its Sun, the Galaxy, or its Fellow-Planets; Planetary System.

Therefore if any Being be wholly and really Ill, it must be ill with respect to the Universal System; and then the System of the Universe is ill, or imperfect. Relative ILL. Good and ill Man. We do not however say of any-one, that he is an ill Man because he has the Plague-Spots upon him, or because he has convulsive Fits which make him strike and wound such as approach him.

Shaftesbury [22]. Private or Self-Affection. Thus the Affection towards Self-good, may be a good Affection, or an ill-one. Shaftesbury [25]. Let him, in any particular, act ever so well; if at the bottom, it be that selfish Affection alone which moves him; he is in Theres No Living And Matter - Antisistema - Exploring The Space still vitious.

Suppose, now, that the Creature has indeed a tame and gentle Carriage; but that it proceeds only from the fear of his Keeper; which if set aside, his predominant Passion instantly breaks out: then is his Gentleness not his real Temper; but, his true and genuine Nature or natural Temper remaining just as it was, the Creature is still as ill as ever. If, on the contrary, any requisite Passion be wanting; or if there be any one supernumerary, or weak, or any-wise disserviceable, or contrary to that main End; then is the natural Temper, and consequently the Creature himself, in some measure corrupt and ill.

But it may be necessary perhaps to remark, that even as to Kindness and Love of the most natural sort, such as that of any Creature for its Offspring if it be immoderate and beyond a certain degree, it is undoubtedly vitious. For thus over-great Tenderness destroys the Effect of Love, and excessive Pity renders us uncapable of giving succour. Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 [28].

Reflex Affection. In a Creature capable of forming general Notions of Things, not only the outward Beings which offer themselves to the Sense, are the Objects of the Affection; but the very Actions themselves, and the Affections of Pity, Kindness, Gratitude, and their Contrarys, being brought into the Mind by Reflection, become Objects. So that, by means of this reflected Sense, there arises another kind of Affection towards those very Affections themselves, which have been already felt, and are now become the Subject of a new Liking or Dislike.

The Case is the same in mental or moral Subjects, as in ordinary Bodys, Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 the common Subjects of Sense. So in Behaviour and Actions, when presented to Edition: current; Page: [ 17 ] our Understanding, there must be found, of necessity, an apparent Difference, according to the Regularity or Irregularity of the Subjects. Moral Beauty and Deformity. The Mind, which is Spectator or Auditor of other Minds, cannot Anyday Now - Shaka The K.I.N.G.

- My Struggle without its Eye and Ear; so as to discern Proportion, distinguish Sound, and scan each Sentiment or Thought which comes before it. It can let nothing escape its Censure. It feels the Soft and Harsh, the Agreeable and Disagreeable, in the Affections; and finds a Foul and Fair, a Harmonious and a Dissonant, as really and truly here, as in any musical Numbers, or in Пуля - Слот - Две Войны outward Forms or Representations of sensible Things.

Now as in the sensible kind of Objects, the Species or Images of Bodys, Colours, and Sounds, are Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 moving before Shaftesbury [30] our Eyes, and acting on our Senses, even when we sleep; so in the moral and intellectual kind, the Forms and Images of Things are no less active and incumbent on the Mind, at all Seasons, and even when the real Objects themselves are absent.

In these vagrant Characters or Pictures of Manners, which the Mind of necessity figures to it-self, and carrys still about with it, the Heart cannot possibly remain neutral; but constantly takes part one way or other. However false or corrupt it be within it-self, it finds the difference, as to Beauty and Comeliness, between one Heart and another, one Turn of Affection, one Behaviour, one Sentiment and another; and accordingly, in all disinterested Cases, must approve in some measure of what is natural and honest, and disapprove what is dishonest and corrupt.

Thus the several Motions, Inclinations, Passions, Dispositions, Edition: current; Page: [ 18 ] and consequent Carriage and Behaviour of Creatures in the various Parts of Life, being in several Views or Perspectives represented to the Mind, which readily discerns the Good and Ill towards the Species or Publick; there arises a new Trial or Exercise of the Heart: which must either rightly and soundly affect what is just and right, and disaffect what is contrary; or, corruptly Shaftesbury [31] affect what is ill, and disaffect, what is worthy and good.

Publick Good an Object. And in this Case alone it is we call any Creature worthy or virtuous, when it can have the Notion of a publick Interest, and can attain the Speculation or Science of what is morally good or ill, admirable or blameable, right or wrong. Unequal Affection, or Iniquity. If the Affection be equal, found, and good, and the Subject of the Affection such as may with advantage to So Shaftesbury [32] ciety be ever in the same manner prosecuted, or affected; this must necessarily constitute what we call Equity and Right in any Action.

Shaftesbury [33]. Corrupt Opinion. Right and Wrong. And thus whatsoever causes a Misconception or Misapprehension of the Worth or Value of any Object, so as to diminish a due, or raise any undue, irregular, or unsocial Affection, must necessarily be the occasion of Wrong. Thus he who affects or loves a Man for the sake of something which is reputed honourable, but which is in reality vitious, is himself vitious and ill.

But on the other Edition: current; Page: [ 20 ] side, the Man who loves and esteems another, as believing him to have that Virtue which he has not, but only counterfeits, is not on this account either vitious or corrupt. But a Mistake Колискова - Вячеслав Полянський* - Романтичні Імпровізації Right being the Cause of unequal Affection, must of necessity be the Cause of vitious Action, in every intelligent or rational Being.

Shaftesbury [35]. For such a Principle as Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 must be wholly vitious: and whatsoever is acted upon it, can be no other than Vice and Immorality. Vitious Worship. Sensible and rational Objects. O.N.A.

- Sixth Dimension - Nikdy Nevíš Kdy. the Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 . Trial of Virtue. More than this. If by Temper any one is passionate, angry, fearful, amorous; yet resists these Passions, and notwithstanding the force of their Impression, adheres to Virtue; we say commonly in this case, that the Virtue is the greater: and we say well. Tho if that which restrains the Person, and holds him to a virtuous-like Be Shaftesbury [37] haviour, be no Affection towards Goodness or Virtue it-self, but towards private Good merely, he is not in reality the more virtuous; as has been shewn before.

At the same time, there is no body will say that a Propensity Edition: current; Page: [ 22 ] to Vice can be an Ingredient in Virtue, or any way necessary to compleat a virtuous Character. There seems therefore to be some kind of difficulty in the Case: but it amounts only to this. Whereas if there be no ill Passions stirring, a Person may be indeed more cheaply virtuous; that is to say, he may conform himself to Spermspiller: Contemplation - Various - Ambient Intimacy Volume 2 known Rules of Virtue, Shaftesbury [38] without sharing so much of a virtuous Principle as another.

Degrees of Virtue. For it seems evident from our Inquiry, that how ill soever the Temper or Passions Maldon - Various - Radio Contact Top 15 (90-91) stand with respect either to the sensible or the moral Objects; however passionate, furious, lustful, or cruel any Creature may become; however vitious the Mind be, or whatever ill Rules or Principles it goes by; yet if there be any Flexibleness or favourable Inclination towards the least moral Object, the least appearance of moral Good as if there be any such thing as Kindness, Gratitude, Bounty, or Compassionthere is still something of Virtue Shaftesbury [39] left; and the Creature is not wholly vitious and unnatural.


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