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Shut Up To Feel Alright - Tekken - Past & Present Part 2
Download Shut Up To Feel Alright - Tekken  - Past & Present Part 2

I've made a template to go along with the Soul Series template, character-wise. And Lei Wulong is also a commedian character. I feel the current format and the selection of characters in the "Sub-Boss" section is a bit awkward. Many of those characters haven't been merely sub-bosses since as far back as Tekken 1. In addition, more recent sub-bosses, such as Orge and Devil Jin, are in the Boss section. Personally, I don't think the Sub-Boss section holds any purpose and the characters listed should be integrated back into the regular cast.

Perhaps we could just divide the group into an active roster and inactive roster based on the last game that has been released? Thequickbrownfoxjumpsoveralazydog13 September UTC. Why isn't it part of the template? I Finale Demize - Insomnia (27) - Sleepless Nights the same.

That's why I asked. I'll put Tekken 6 back on the template. It doesn't have a release date, it hasn't been shown in playable form, and Tekken 6 may not even be the final name. The article is nothing but summarizing three trailers. What's your point?

It's a Tekken game so it should be in the template. If Shut Up To Feel Alright - Tekken - Past & Present Part 2 game gets renamed, it can be changed. For now, Tekken 6 should be kept in. Plus, they made a logo for it. The logo looks nothing like any others so it isn't a simple edit. Why go to the bother of making a logo if you're going to change the name?

Agreed, it's going Shut Up To Feel Alright - Tekken - Past & Present Part 2 on the template. The discussion at Template talk:CVG Navigation is much more recent and mirrors this one, in that it hasn't much moved past the "It should be included, period!

Excluding upcoming games that had never been shown in playable form was a pre-existing, project-wide consensus. Tekken 6 should be on the template. As long as it has its own page, which has become quite developed over time, I see no reason (You Really) Rock Me - Nick Gilder - (You Really) Rock Me it should not be on the template.

Also, according to IGN, Tekken 6 may well be in a playable form sooner than first thought. Okay, I made a poor arguement on my last post, Jam For Real - Various - Palo Palo Vol.2 - Groove Out Your Funky Soul! Tekken 6 should still be on the template.

I along with others believe that this game should be on the template. You were, or still are I believe, in a similar edit war concerning the Resident Evil template.

I'm not going to revert your edit. Instead, I'm just going to wait and watch for any additions to the template concerning Tekken 6 by other users, and then watch as you delete those additions and then see those changes reverted and so on and so forth untill someone is blocked from editing. Either that or we finally have a vote on the subject at hand, as suggested earlier by another user. You're all going about this the wrong way. The point of a template is convenience.

This way you don't have to search for links or simply guess that an article exists, putting in what they think might possibly Luv Is True - Rappin 4-Tay - Rappin 4-Tay Is Back! a name for a page.

Put quite simply, Tekken fans who don't go in depth editing the Tekken area of the wiki, like I am, or was two days ago, would prefer the convenience. I'm now going to go add this to the template as an act of kindness to average Tekken fans like myself who may not know of its existence. It's a small template. A few things isn't going to kill it.

There are so many people here that if it needs to be changed, it will be changed within a day. Welcome to the wikipedia, the place were everyone goes to learn about something they're interested in. We need to do this whatever way more people want. This means a vote. The vote will be removed in one month, at which point we should leave it to be semi-permanent until:. At which point there should be no reason for any argument.

Anything amounting to "My argument is good enough to override what people want" is discouraged, but I have no power to stop you. Please be warned that your comment will likely be taken as trolling unless you bring new official information to the table, rather than more argument. Please don't take this the wrong way.

I'm not trying to play god. I'm full aware that wikipedia is not a democracy, but if you are one stubborn person against many others, it Shut Up To Feel Alright - Tekken - Past & Present Part 2 comparable to continuously deleting an article on the holocaust because you do not believe it exists. This makes you a troll, and in most people's eyes, a vandal. If this continues if a clear vote to accept the game is established, we will hopefully be able to keep you from editing the template.

We can't continues in the way we are generally supposed to because while no verdict is being reached, one person is getting his way. This is Tekken, not a holy war. If people appreciate additions, it won't kill you to let them have them.

It's a matter of convenience. Sharpevil26 March UTC. This Shut Up To Feel Alright - Tekken - Past & Present Part 2 not how things are decided on Wikipedia. Sterile votes are frowned upon. I went a bit god mode-y yesterday, so I think this is fair. The wiki rule of no sterile votes was likely created to discourage decisions made based on close votes, not unanonymity.

That should be a word. Sharpevil27 March UTC. I apologize. I have some trouble getting my thoughts out, and was actually editing that out of my entry before you came Star Trekkin - Various - Go Nuts! posted. I did not mean it as name calling, but simple definitions of your behaviors. You are trolling people, such as you are trolling me right now, and you are vandalizing the article Ellens Theme - Neal Hefti - Duel At Diablo going against an otherwise total consensus.

If you are insinuating that I am not motivated by the will to improve the template, you're wrong. I don't think that's what you're saying, but I figured I'd throw this out there. Regardless, I entered the talk page because I wanted to know why Tekken 6 is not on there. You've given a lot of technical reasons, but I think that overall, it seems too late for you to go back on your decision with your pride intact. I know that I would not go as far as you have only to give up, but that does not make it right.

To take the discussion's harshness down a notch, I'll start with this. What is the Tekken template for? Please don't sidestep my question. I'm not accusing you, but I've had many fruitless arguments with people who do that.

Sharpevil touched on a point that has been raised a few times, and never really expanded upon. There's an argument that it frustrates expectations to not find an upcoming game on a navbox, and I've found it troubling because I can't really refute it.

It's also troubling because it leaves a question unanswered: "At what point are people going to expect to see an announced-but-in-development game in the navbox? What quality has this project gained, in the meantime, that generated the expectation to see it in a navbox? How do you define "an actual demonstration of gameplay," though?

Have any of the Tekken trailers shown any of the menus, or the damage bars and such? Or are they just "action footage"? How can you draw the line between "action footage" and demonstrations of what they hope the game to look like?

Expanding this beyond Tekken a bit, consider Metal Gear Solid 4 's largely cinematic trailers, whose implications in gameplay aren't exactly clear. Is that "an actual demonstration of gameplay"? The old standard was that someone had played the game and reported on it, which you can judge objectively. Either they played a build of the game or didn't. Ideally, we'd have a new standard that was equally as objective.

Well and good as this argument is, you are completely avoiding the point. Nobody wants Tekken 6 in the navbar because it "Showcases gameplay objectively". So all wikisurfers can have easy access to the pages for corresponding Tekken games. People want information on Tekken 4, so they Joe Damiano - Creola to the Tekken 4 article.

It only makes sense that people would be hungrier for information on a Tekken they Shut Up To Feel Alright - Tekken - Past & Present Part 2 played, like 6. The Navbar provides easy linkage to information on all Tekken games, and I'm glad it's there. There is absolutely no bad side to having Tekken 6 in it. It doesn't even make the navbar any bigger! Please, keep in mind that there are more people browsing these articles than those who edit them.


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