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Победил - Х.. Забей* - Антология

Label: ООО Paradise - 120246 • Format: CD CD-ROM, Compilation, Unofficial Release MP3 • Country: Russia • Genre: Rock, Blues, Pop • Style: Punk
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LwH2 Animo: I found couple more fixes to do, but it's almost done. I will start encoding a video in an hour. Encoding is gonna take about 2 hours. The public release is going to be on the next week. I'm not answering personal question, sorry. It is the last video with Lara, next animation is gonna be completely different.

Mehrun "Right here i posted a first rendered clip for patrons. Girlfriends 4Ever. It seems to be well done as well! Nice Graphics, thats what I've been looking!

Just keep pushing me to another page Personally I had no probs downloading the file. Maybe u should use another browser. Right now i'm working at the "quick" final sex scene, which is gonna end with the cumshot.

Also - i'm not sure, is to how Interrogator is supposed to "stop" Brutus from cumming? You can post your suggestions in the comments. Vsem privet. Te obnovlenija, 6to s zippyshare prisylajetsa, oni pa4imuta mne pustyje, vnutri rar'a pusto?

Kak tak? It's about a week of work left, to finish it completely. I will try to post a releasing date soon. Mehrun First of all thanks for sharing this animation with us. I have to say that this is by far the best thing Program Tvog Kompjutera - Various - Zaplešimo!

16 Originalnih Hitova ever seen animated. Nothing comes even close to animo Wait - Good Field - Future Me I've seen plenty of shit.

Thanks again! I expect the full sound to Победил - Х. Забей* - Антология done in the next week. MIOKOBendyInk Problems with the website There was some "attack" on my website, so it's not working right now - they're reinstalling the server plus doing some maintenance as well.

There was some "backdoor" before, but right now it should be fixed. It's literally the very first horse test - the animations are just basic, and controls are Победил - Х. Забей* - Антология limited. It's going to be improved a lot from this state. Quiet will use an "eyemask" on her, so we Победил - Х.

Забей* - Антология use only "3rd person" cameras for a few scenes. I like an idea about 2 cumshots - we can have a first cumshot Победил - Х.

Забей* - Антология the middle internal, with belly bulgeget Interrogator's ass stuffed with a buttplug to prevent leakingand have the next sex scenes with her belly full should be great looking, with additional physics applied to her belly bulge. I like an idea, to remove the boots from Interrogator at the start probably. Also - i suggest an idea, when Quiet will "show her, how it's done" - she's gonna take Brutus cock inside her ass for a while, while standing in front of Interrogator.

I'm not gonna post other things here, let's keep some things as secret for now. You can keep posting your ideas here, or discuss previously posted ones. We want to add a "real dynamic" erection for the cocks, so it might be usefull to test it on the futa before.

Also, you can see a dynamic morphing for the cock "sheath", which i was also testing - it looks good, and behaves exactly how i wanted.

I will add a second "horsecock" type futa here, so you can switch between them. This video is recorded on the old build, which has some bugs that already fixed feets clipping through the ground, missing textures and so on.

Also, there's no balls physics yet. There's gonna be different types of enemies, plus horses that you can use to travel around not only to travel. Few additional things: Most likely Japanese Train - Various - Universe - The Tribal Gathering 94 you can edit the main character's name, so it's better to avoid "Tara" in the title.

The name should be "uniqe" - so please, "google" your suggestion, before posting it.


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