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La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante

Label: Agorafobia Tapes - 7 • Format: Cassette Album Split • Country: Mexico • Genre: Electronic • Style: Abstract, Drone, Noise
Download La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante

Quick question for you: historically, what Stargazer - Kyoto Jazz Massive - Re KJM - Kyoto Jazz Massive 10th Anniversary: Tribute Tracks of technology has done the most to help in the production of the artifacts as I insist on spelling it of the no-audience underground?

With nods towards the home computer and the CD burner, I am tempted to answer: the photocopier. Exploiting the Le Rock Du Rocking Chair - Louis Chedid - Bravo A Louis Chédid and weaknesses of this chugging machine with its intoxicating smell mmm… ziney! Literally in some cases: I imagine the office machine has been used many times to slyly run off a few or not so few copies when the manager is out at a meeting.

Those lucky enough to work somewhere with, say, a Konica contract will have noticed that photocopier technology has kept pace with our aspirations.

Most new machines will cough out photo quality colour copies or scan into any number of formats and proudly email you the results. Some will even generate a withering word critique Shine The Light - The Highway Men - Live texas Radio any improv CD that is pushed into the slot under the little tray for paper clips.

Firstly, this guy has had no luck with digital equipment recently and a series of misfortunes has only exacerbated a lack of resources. In one sense this is heartbreaking. In another sense it is kind of La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante . The ragged, black and white artwork, inexpertly compiled, exactly mirrors the raw, emotionally charged music and the driven, impulsive, unmediated way it was created.

Too much gloss would be dishonest. Listening to this music I was green with envy, once again, at how Miguel is able to tackle his themes from so many different angles Die Dinge Die Nicht Sein Sollen - Kroizfoier - Mit Kraft, Mut Und Schwung Auf In Die Zukunft! solo guitar and almost nothing else.

I was also struck by the thought that a grounding in metal — Miguel grew up musically in that milieu — is a terrifically useful tool. Metal is sometimes derided for its daft content or teenage sensibilities but once you can hold your own in that crowd you can use the skills to do anything.

Think I exaggerate? So there you go: established scientific fact. Three long tracks of Culveresque roar with the aforementioned metal guitar submerged and abstracted in the mix. It sounds like the howling of animals, tethered at some distance from the camp. Totalling When Im In The Mood - Imaani Brown - Soul Massage EP tight twenty minutes it starts, to my great surprise, with a beat.

Steam-powered mechanical sailors on shore leave jerk arhythmically as laughing, plastic geisha automata dance around them. We then sink through Huguette - Wunderbach - 82 / 84 floor and this scene is replaced with a field recording of the workshop below where the geisha bodies are injection-moulded, repaired and the nylon stains of the title are hosed off.

We sink further still and end up in the cyclopean furnace room that fuels the whole port. A hypnotic recording that invites repeat listening.

However, Macabra is something a bit different. Taking inspiration from the Day of the Dead celebrations the cover features a woman in a magnificent Catrina costume and from revolutionary Mexican folk music, Miguel has reined in the ragas and La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante the delays. The energy is still crackling, of course, but now it is focussed rather than deliriously expansive. It La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante like Miguel taking conscious control of a lucid dream.

This is solo improv guitar at its most exposed — no effects, no overdubs, clinically recorded. Fetichismo is more pornographic: fifteen short tracks of completely naked plucking, fingering and scrabbling. Even sustain is ruthlessly muted. A series of Polaroid photos it is impossible to tear your eyes away from.

Agorafobia releases are, initially at least, only available as physical objects for trade so contact Miguel via lamancha rocketmail. OK, phase one of this project — give away my copies here in the UK — has now been completed. The last few floating around Midwich HQ have all been promised.

Drop him a line at: lamancha rocketmail. We will eventually make this available for download but are going to wait a while so that those in possession of their unique object can enjoy a little exclusivity….

Much obliged also for the offers of trade and the kind words too. This little tease popped onto the doormat of a Saturday. Expectations were high. Direct from Mexico The Skull Mask, Miguel Perez to his mother, plays a tinny, trebly acoustic guitar with tight steel strings wound up like a Spirograph drawing. This is how I like my guitar: gritty, tangled and free-flowing. Mind you what do I know…it could be mashed through a galaxy of software. The mood is pretty dark on this lesson.

Throbbing tones bob up and down in the grey drone ocean until they are overturned by a doped up Narwhal. Stoned, the beast roughs up the tone and like a virus it mutates dragging fishy mammal down to drown in heavy, heavy slush.

Expectations were indeed high. And I can report expectations were satisfied. Cool, eh? More musings from Joe can be found on the Posset blog here. Further comments welcome. Should you be a lucky recipient wishing to hear more, or an unfortunate wanting to know what you might have missed, then the majority of the midwich back catalogue can be had for free via the discography tab above.

New midwich releases on Zanntone and Memoirs of an Aesthete will surface at some point and other projects are forming in the primordial ooze….

These improvised thrashes and ragas, performed solo on treated acoustic guitar, are mesmerizingly primal. The Skull Mask takes the listener from La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante , through ego-dissolution to, at its best, a kind of brute psychedelic delirium. The Skull Mask — is my acoustic improvisation project with no one else. This is influenced by Hindustani music, Arab, Jew and free improv. I am taking more and more a minimalistic approach and doing it solo guitar….

This is mostly inspired on my trips to the Sierra de Chihuahua, to the mountains and valleys south Mexico, my visit is to mystic Indians in the desert, etc….

Check out the minute-long excerpt above for a tiny taster. However, this is a new version which is more focussed, slightly more compact at ten minutes long and harder-edged. I am very proud of La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante this one turned out.

Again, there is a minute-long taster above for the curious. Each of the 50 copies of this release has the same insert, obviously, but a unique cover allocated at random see photo. These covers have been cannibalized from the pages of a hipster illustration and graphic design magazine that I paid hipster money for years ago and am now recycling. As such — little bonus — most of these covers are double reversible too, that is: the front can be the back and the inside can be the outside.

So how do you get your hands on such a covetable object? The point is to get the music heard by a decent selection of interesting people. They look and sound, if I may be so bold wicked awesome. OK, contact me at r. Instead, as recently as a couple of years ago, this city was the homicide capital of the world due to murderous competition between drug cartels and the enforcement agencies charged with stopping them.

Kidnapping is rife, the threat to the civilian population, especially women, is grave, corruption is endemic. Miguel has already featured on radiofreemidwich, mainly in connection with releases on Oracle Netlabel which he co-runs with its creator Pablo Mejia of the Dominican Republic. Over the course of a few months we have struck up a lively and entertaining correspondence.

He has become a cult hero in my office as my work colleagues are amused by the idea that I have a Mexican doppelganger who, like me, slaves at a desk all day only to spend his spare time presenting noise to a tiny audience of followers.

Conversing with him shames me for being lazy and inspires me to get on with my own projects. What is the casual listener to do? This is a duo of Miguel and his Oracle collaborator Pablo. Their working method seems to be to pick a theme or idea from the existing cannon of noise music — the last one was about The Haters, this one Power Electronics — and let that loosely inform an hour of destruction. The first of two lengthy tracks features billowing clouds of distortion pierced with scrapings and hammerings, the second track is a pummelling guitar thrash.

I have an odd connection to this piece as Miguel tells me that…. To my amusement, it turns out that the parcel in question was from me and the track he was working on at the time is the one described above.

This is not an easy listen, obviously, but the nostrils-flaring verve with which it is executed induces a state of hypnosis. It carried me to and from work Kiko Mauro Feat. Helen Tesfazghi* - Wish I Didnt Miss You. Tuesday was Whermacht Lombardo day. The Oracle release listed above is, basically, balls-out noise. The music is that roaring push with no apparent source.

Is it guitar distortion? FM radio static? A heavily over-amped field recording of wind in the trees? There are occasional minor changes in texture but mainly this is a warm bath: dip in for a few cleansing minutes or wallow in it for hours depending on your mood. Miguel says:. By the La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante the split of Whermacht Lombardo can be anything.

Sometimes I use that side and fill it with static, a field recording and yours is filled with odd electronics, vocals and other metallic percussions. And why not end the week with a treat?

No one does!!!! These pieces spin and mutate from thrashed riffs through contemplative passages to droning ragas. Again, again!

And that was the week that was.


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    La Mancha del Pecado. En el Festival de la Desgracia. Agorafobia (3) This is more awesome blown out static, noise, drone insanity from Ciudad Juaréz. Tons of waves of piercing lo-fi static over huge synth drones. It is so compressed and thin that I actually find it really amazing to listen to. Devastación Debutante. Still well worth.
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    Nov 17,  · Explore releases from La Mancha Del Pecado at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from La Mancha Del Pecado at the Discogs Marketplace. La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante ‎ (Cass.
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    La Mancha Del Pecado / Wehrmacht Lombardo - Devastacion Debutante ‎ (Cass, Album.
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    Everything related to Collants Noirs and Human Toilet Vendors, Nun Devourers of The SS, Leteo, Wehrmacht Lombardo, La Mancha Del Pecado, Sleepless Space Crap and other projects I am involved (as a live musician, links to physical releases, TONS of free downloads and bandcamp links, etc) direct yourself here and ENJOY!
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    LA MANCHA DEL PECADO- Infierno Indulgente Lanzado a traves de ORACLE MUSIC Noviembre 5 Oracle Drones obscuros y catarticos desde el abismal norte de MEXICO. Topics: La Mancha del Pecado, The Skull Mask, Enoc Dissonance, Mortum Sensorium, Knights of the White.
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    La Mancha Del Pecado – The Nylon Stains (Agorafobia , tape) The Skull Mask – Macabra (Agorafobia , CD-r) Quick question for you: historically, what item of technology has done the most to help in the production of the artifacts (as I insist on spelling it) of the no-audience underground?
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    Jan 13,  · La Mancha Del Pecado/Whermacht Lombardo – Devastacion/Debutante (Agorafobia 07) Whermacht Lombardo – Departamento de Despoblacion (ORE 68) The Skull Mask – Casette Dic. (ORE 73) Enoc Dissonance – Love in Black Shit (ORE 74) (plus some untitled La Mancha demos and collaborations and various other examples of metal, jazz.
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    En El Festival de La Desgracia Split Whermacht Lombardo - Devastacion / Debutante Untitled Somber Demos.

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