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Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum

Label: Cyclops - CYCL 048 • Format: CD Album • Country: UK • Genre: Rock • Style: Prog Rock
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Snalblast 2. Manuel 3. Agren 4. Attestupan Total Time: With the disappearance of Anglagard, the resurgent prog movement was risking a deadly or at least crippling blow, and as if by enchantment came other Swedes picking up where they had left off. Of course, Anglagard was solidly derivative of Genesis, Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum , King Crimson and more, but they had Heads Or Tails - Booker T.

& The M.G.s* - Greatest Hits along with the Magna Carta label stablemates to rekindle the flame of prog. So when Sinkadus came around to fill the empty spot, my first thought was to approve and this album is a very credible retro-prog in exactly the same terms that their predecessor had done before them.

Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum course, without being mean-spirited, could we have expected anything remotely groundbreaking from the Cyclops label? Not a fan of the label since I have yet to find something I really like present Swedes Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum and their catalogue is neo-prog stable. NB: another thing I am not a fan of this label is the artworks of their catalogue, although this one present is acceptable, but nothing more.

So what is the value of such an album? Well, if you are not too picky and enjoy the music purely on its intrinsic value, there are plenty of chance you'll love this album, even if the vocals are perfectible not speaking of the language, here, but the voices. With a superb Snalblast Bitter Windthe progheads gets exactly what he wishes, trons of Mello, great guitar lines, loads of melancholy, drumming a gogo and two women to add to his fantasy: one on the flute and the other on the cello.

I don't really think it is necessary to go over the three remaining tracks all well over the 10 minutesbecause you get more or less what you ask for. What do the people want more? Well maybe, just maybe, what they're not getting. Speaking for myself, thinking out loud, but wanting every proghead to ask themselves this: what about what they are like, the way they would really sound if they La Belle Epoque* - Black Is Black letting go of the formula that they are dispensing us in every track.

So of course, the proghead is bound to love it as he did the first generation Anglagard and Landberkbut the second generation brought nothing new as opposed to their predecessor which actually did, in their own manner and while Sinkadus has lived its course, we are now confronted Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum a third wave more from Norway with Wobbler and Gargamel, which again dish out the same kind of stuff with their slight twists.

Yes I like it, yes!! I also happen to love a good real hamburger from the bbq, but let's face it: I want the Cassoulet or the Tartiflette. And this hamburger is maybe not from Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum golden arches, but it does have a ready-to-eat wrapper around it.

And that alone is a bit of a turn-off and takes away a star. Still, I don't know Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum many hundreds of progheads will love this.

Can't blame them, I did too. Snalblast opens the album with a soft touch of flute-work accompanied with guitar fills. The music suddenly turns abruptly into a staccato ELP-like style where the intertwining punchy organ, drums and bass brings the music into a rather complex textures. What follow is a quieter passage exploring soft flute in classical music style in relatively slow tempo. There are lots of tempo changes as the music sometime turns into faster one with excellent drumming and dynamic bass lines.

Yeah, I observe that the bass player has contributed his work excellently with various styles and inventive maneuver. This song offers relatively long instrumental part prior to lyrical part non English. Structure-wise, it's relatively a complex composition as I cannot grab clearly which the heads and the tails. Mellotron sounds used quite a lot throughout the song and they serve two purposes: first, to project a dark nuance and second, to give symphonic nuance of the song.

The only music segment that sounds bit annoying for me is the part on approximately minute [] when the organ solo takes the melody part augmented with dynamic bass guitar. The melody produced by the organ sounds annoying for my personal taste and it does not seem to fit Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum the music textures.

Overall, it's a good composition. Manuel starts beautifully with a long sustain keyboard sounds backed up by drums and bass guitar in relatively slow tempo.

The music flows smoothly with keyboard taking the lead melody accompanied with solid and inventive bass lines, and excellent drumming. The flute enters the music melodically and it projects a heavy influence of classical music. The time signature Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum the flute enters its first sound into the music is truly excellent - it happens unexpectedly but at a very right timing.

This part is killing me. The non-English voice lines have made a unique and attractive sounds. So many segments in this song that have catchy melodies like this part. For example when guitar fills some transition pieces, or the dynamic and solid play of bass guitar that help accentuate the song, or the mellotron sounds at background that provide symphonic nuance, or the combination of flute, mellotron, bass and drums that produces great sound.

It all sum up into a wonderful composition that has made the song truly enjoyable and it has become my all-time favorite. True masterpiece! Agren has similar style with previous track: dark, symphonic, classical and performed in relatively slow tempo. Again, the combination of flute, guitar, bass, mellotron and organ is superb. The composition is heavier than Manuel as it has some variations of combined melodies between vocals, guitar, and organ - sometimes with an unexpected or even abrupt change.

The exploration of flute augmented with organ and guitar produces heavy mood of classical music. Drums contribute noticeably throughout the song as the sounds appear obviously. Attestupan starts off with a soft guitar fills followed with drum beats in crescendo, brings the music into a symphonic style with mellotron sounds at the back in a faster tempo.

Again, I observe the bass lines are so inspiring and inventive. The drumming Cinema - Yes - 90125 is also excellent. As with other tracks, this concluding track is also heavy in the use of flute.

But most of flute work is not similar with those like Jethro Tull or Focus, it's much softer. The organ work of this song in some parts remind me to ELP. It's another excellent track offered by the band.

This album would appeal those who like early Genesis - even though you will hardly find its close similarity, but in some segments you can sense them especially through guitar fills in some transitions and mellotron sounds. Also for those who like Van Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum Graff Generator especially on the singing style and some musical segments.

ELP influence can de found in transitions with staccato styles - it's very close with Keith Emerson's style. For me Deep Misery - Nervosa - Victim Of Yourself, this album is relatively heavy - it's not as accessible as typical symphonic prog music. Keep on proggin'.!!! Sweden gave birth to Anglagard in the early 90's and it's a crying shame the band never got further than 2 studio albums.

They had everything to make the prog scene ballistic Now is Sinkadus the proud successor of the buried Anglagard? Well, yes and no. We cannot talk of a TRUE clone here. Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum honestly, that's as far as it goes.

The rest is not so evident. Sinkadus' songs are more airy and LESS complex. Much less complex. Anglagard was so incredibly tight and aggressive at times it was difficult to see through a song. We don't meet the same feelings in Aurum Nostrum.

This record is more on the folkloric side, the story telling about dwarves and hobgoblins and the more relaxed atmosphere. Rarely we ecounter the tragic, overwhelming whirlwinds of Anglagard.

Sinkadus Mythomania (Live In Essen) - Nailed To Obscurity - Opaque it's time to breathe and to sing, Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum . The vocals are switching between man and woman, which is a good combination for story telling.

I don't think you could categorize Sinkadus as a true follower to Anglagard. Sure the standards has been set with Anglagard, they come from the same country BUT a sense of independence is more showing. It's obviously not the same weight of talent as Anglagard, and they have the humility not to push themselves to hard and making it sound fake. Their strenght is on the mellow, relaxing side of the recipe. This is where to me, Sinkadus scores high marks. Their signature is evident, even though their Anglagard inflences are shown.

A good choice for anybody who wants to get familiar with the nordic folk scene. Also great for campfires Lord of the Ring style. At first listen, the musical and lyrical proposal where the band stands on, may appear as a scribbled draft filtered from the iconic figure top class Swedish bands from the 90's we're all familiar with crafted throughout their work Miss The Mississippi And You - Various - Lees En Luister (14 Romantische Toppers Om Naar Te Luistere remains still as a point of departure for upcoming generations of musicians, poets or whoever needs a sense of direction and inspiration in their life somewhat.

But to me, SINKADUS took a step forward to become not only an icon within the Swedish progressive rock scene, but for to be reminded as precursors of a unique musical creation that bloomed before Nordic landscapes, born and brought to the Prog Rock world. There's this sort of struggle between the instruments introduced to us Ågren - Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum here to set off individually inside your ears, where either the charming notes of a flute can get engaged to a fight with the voracious keys of a Mellotron or where the chords of a guitar that patiently waits to blast off can provoke the compassed beat of drums to be stricken fiercely to become an unforgettable passage in music.

Then, over the closing section, this kind of hypnotic eeriness will take you down to earth in a single snap. This piece is quite an overture to what's to come of this masterpiece.

Act two. The movements in here are lead slowly in the beginning to become a waterfall of obscure emotions in which you'll get irremediably caught. There is no moment where the enchanting wind instrument is not executed spotlessly. A fine piece that arouses expectation to the highest point yet it can pull you down to the deepest sorrow that seeps under your sensitivity.

Although "Aurum Nostrum" is undoubtedly impressive in its whole togetherness, this third chapter is particularly exceptional. The devouring sound of the Mellotron is determined to take over the entire argumentation of the song, and I must say it accomplishes the task heavenly. The determinant part comes during the first third of the piece where that Mellotron talks of anguish and rage to a flute that's willing to talk back quietly but that inevitably surrenders as every single key from the instrument played by Fredrik KARLSSON is tapped down.

As the end of the song rides rapidly to the last minute, we can actually get to perceive that angst and pressure in a more depicted way. All in all, great stuff.


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    Aurum Nostrum is a music studio album recording by SINKADUS (Symphonic Prog/Progressive Rock) released in on cd, lp / vinyl and/or cassette/5.
  2. Meztiran
    Jan 05,  · 2nd song from Sinkadus' first album 'Aurum Nostrum' (). GREAT PROG FROM SWEDEN! 2nd song from Sinkadus' first album 'Aurum Nostrum' (). GREAT PROG FROM SWEDEN! Skip navigation.
  3. Zololl
    Unsurprisingly, Sinkadus play the Aurum Nostrum versions of the tracks, so slightly less Mellotron than on the original demos, but still enough to earn the much-coveted 'Mellotron-drenched' award. '99's Cirkus is an improvement on their debut compositionally, although there's no one highlight like Manuel.
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    Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum at Discogs. Complete your Sinkadus collection/5(17).
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    Segundo album de estos suecos y ultimo hasta la fecha. Despues de un debut muy influenciado por Anglagard, este segundo album continua sonando bastante parecido al citado grupo, aunque aqui Sinkadus hacen un esfuerzo por buscar un sonido mas propio, y en mi opinion este Cirkus supera a Aurum Nostrum en general.
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    SINKADUS • Aurum Nostrum [] • Sweden/Suécia O nome dessa banda sueca de Gotemburgo pode ser interpretado de duas maneiras: dizer a uma pessoa que preste atenção, e outro é uma expressão usada em uma versão do jogo de gamão na Suécia chamada fordrerilblackbearerwhisperfire.infoinfo: Il Trovatore.

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