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5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded

Label: Prism Entertainment - CD 401 • Format: CD Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Heavy Metal
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Author's Note: The originator of the Peggy Sanford stories, Pegg46, had extended an invitation to anyone to continue or add Cancion De Grimau - Chicho Sánchez Ferlosio - Canciones De La Resistencia Española Año 1963 (Vinyl, her stories.

Nicki - Radio Bavaria also wrote that she especially enjoys stories where the author becomes her and writes in the first person point of view. I must admit I also enjoy reading and writing that type of story. My plan was to continue with my series but to change it to a first person point of view but regrettably real life and my obsession with a certain 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded fantasy that Peggy46 had written about got in the way.

As I have been writing, I kept referring back to Peggy46's, Walterio's and several other authors' stories about Peggy for ideas and inspiration. Their stories about Peggy and her adventures with the Secret Society of Black Men struck a chord in me. To me the fantasy of a beautiful, smart, successful, mature, married, white woman signing a contract, freely giving herself over to a Secret Society of Black Men to serve their sexual needs, without restriction or reservation, to be call upon by them, to 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded used by them or anyone they determined, just so she could satisfy an unquenchable sexual hunger deep within herself, was very stimulating and provocative.

The added taboo of her cheating, 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded hiding it from her husband, was an additional turn-on. It was a subject I wanted to explore. I had planned to write a quick story about Peggy and the Secret Society and get back to my series but as I said, life and my obsession got in the way. Sorry for taking so long to continue my series the Further Tales of Peggy Sanford. I Rave All Night - Various - Happy Rave to fill in enough background information, characters and past incidents to make each of my chapters readable on their own but I do recommend that you read all the stories about Peggy before reading my stories.

I hope you all enjoy it and welcome any and all comments and suggestions. Thank you. In fact I had been so busy, processing insurance claims for a recent flood near Lake Charles Louisiana, that I didn't have time to do or even think about much else.

Now driving back to New Orleans along Route 10 in my rented cherry red Mustang convertible I finally had a chance to mull over all the naughty adventures I had enjoyed the previous weekend I'm 46 year old, married mother of two college aged children.

I have long brown hair, green eyes and a slim 35C figure. I have been told numerous times that I don't look my age. I chalk it up to my daily exercise regime and good genes. I only have one vice, a sexual addiction that compels me to seek out numerous encounters with a variety of men, women or groups.

My husband, who is in his seventies, and I had been committed and enthusiastic swingers all through our marriage but when he became ill and lost all interest in sex I needed a new discreet outlet to satisfy my powerful sexual urges. I had been a flight attendant early in 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded marriage and had enjoyed many naughty adventures on layovers so I looked for a job that involved travel.

I found one as a traveling claims representative for a major insurance company. I didn't take the job for the money, my husband is very wealthy and I really didn't need to work. I took the job so I could have the freedom to plan and finance my numerous and varied sexual escapades without my husband knowing.

I always planed my work related trips so that I would have a few days before or 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded my assignment to indulge in these naughty adventures. I didn't have to report for work in Lake Charles until Tuesday morning.

That gave me a long free weekend to enjoy myself Friday afternoon I met Curtis and Jasmine, an attractive and sexually aggressive, swinging, African-American couple, at the hotel's rooftop pool. Ill Be There For You / Youre All I Need To Get By (Razor Sharp Mix) - Various - Hip Hop Hooray 2 spent the rest of the afternoon in their hotel room where I became the willing sexual plaything of the dominating couple.

Jasmine was intense, forcing me to please her and her husband over and over. I had never been submissive to woman before but I found it to be new and exciting. I planned on exploring it more in the future. What I didn't know that my next exploration of my submissive side would occur so soon. I was rescued from an obnoxious drunk by a local football hero, Thomas "The Train" Thompson.

Tommy, as he liked his friends to call him had played for the New Orleans Saints a few years ago. He invited me to see his penthouse apartment high above the Mississippi River and of course I accepted. How could I not, he had rescued me for the obnoxious drunk. We shared a night of intense lovemaking out on the balcony.

Being observed by his neighbors was an added bonus. Besides being a committed and enthusiastic swinger, I'm 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded a committed and enthusiastic exhibitionist. Tommy was the reason I was hurrying back to New Orleans. He had promised to bring me to one of New Orleans most famous swinger parties this upcoming weekend.

Saturday afternoon I had been looking forward to hooking up with Curtis and Jasmine again but they had to leave on a business emergency. Before leaving they insisted on arranging a surprise for me. The surprise was twin brothers, Mike and Jimmy, members of the Big EZ Stallions, a select group of discreet, physically fit and well-hung black gentlemen, who specialize in intense, nasty gang bangs for couples or single females who love big black dicks, something that I really do love.

The two handsome brothers came to my room young, hung and full of cum. They left just young and hung. My plans had been to stay in New Orleans and enjoyed the city and my new found playmates but they were interrupted by a call from a friend of mine named Linh. Linh is the owner of a posh private sex club in Paris. Band Introductions - The Rolling Stones - Dripping Away also owns the most exclusive escort service in Europe.

I had met her on a recent trip to France. In the short time we've knew each other Linh has involved me in quite a few wild and crazy sexual adventures.

Such Utbrott - Det Mörka Halvåret the night I stared in a performance exhibition on the stage at her club. I was fucked over and over by six big dicked studs from the Maasai Tribe of Kenya in front a large audience of attractive French couples.

I also worked as a part time escort for some of Linh's wealthier clients. Working as a part time escort wasn't a new adventure for me. I had done it on layovers 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded I worked as a flight attendant.

I never did it for the money. I did it for the new and varied sexual adventures. The money was just an added bonus. I was able to stay in first class hotels instead of the business ones provided by my employer. Linh had asked me to cut short my stay in New Orleans and travel to Miami on Saturday night to see a client, a young and attractive English billionaire named Paul Harris.

Paul was offering a stay at one of South Beach's premier hotels, a hefty bonus and his private plane to pick me up and return me in time for work on Tuesday for a three hour session. A stay at one of South Beach's premier hotels, a hefty bonus, a ride in a private plane, and a new young and attractive lover to fuck and suck, how could I say no? I would have preferred to be naked but that just wasn't practical, so I settled for being almost naked, just the thin cotton covering over my naked flesh.

The warm sun on the bare skin of my arms and shoulders plus my reflections on all my naughty adventures in the New Orleans was beginning to have an effect on me. I could feel my nipples growing stiff and moisture forming between my legs.

I pulled the hem of my dress up to just above my crotch. Oh good I thought with a laugh, maybe I can give a passing trucker a flash. I also switched the air conditioning unit to the floor vents on full blast.

It wouldn't completely cool me You Cant Hold Me Back - Awesome Dré And The Hard Core Committee* - You Cant Hold Me Back / Committ but at least I got a nice cool breeze blowing across my pussy.

Sandra or Sandy as she liked to be called was a very attractive twenty something, 5 foot, 3 inch, pound, tight bodied, black haired beauty. During the flight we shamelessly flirted with each other. I was certain that I could have easily seduced her. I even debated trying but we were on a tight schedule and I didn't want to delay or disappoint the client.

What I didn't know, until later was that Sandy was already plotting on seducing me herself. Linh had booked me for a three hour session with the client, but he was such a handsome, young, virile stud that I stayed for four. Paul had a few special kinks that he wanted satisfied. He was excited to learn that I was really a married woman cheating on her unknowing husband. He loved the idea of fucking a "Hot Cheating Cougar Wife" as he called it.

He used each of my holes, filling my mouth, pussy and ass each with a load of his delicious cum. He also left additional 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded of cum on my feet and back.

It seems Paul has a bit of a foot fetish. After my time with Paul I went down to the room Sandy had reserved for me. It turned out to be a suite with a separate bedroom with a king sized bed and a luxury bathroom with a large Jacuzzi tub. Following one of Sandy's recommendations I had booked a "special massage" with a friend of hers named Asa for the next morning. The following morning I met Asa in the hotel's spa room. Based on Sandy's flirtatious behavior I assumed that the "special massage" was designed to be sensual, but I wasn't prepared for how sexual it actually was.

Never in 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded life 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded I felt such sensations as this massage was giving me. I found myself sighing and moaning as ripples of pleasure flowed through my body.

Asa brought me to brink of sexual ecstasy over and over before finally pushing me over the 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded into a series of intense orgasms. After that lovely massage Halfway To Heaven - Celine Dion* - Celine Dion visited a small local boutique that Sandy and Asa had both recommended.

Not surprisingly its owner, a beautiful, sensual young woman named Neena was also a friend of theirs. I was beginning to think I was being set up by Sandy and her friends, not I minded, I had hoped to experience a few naughty adventures while I was in Miami. I decided to test this theory by brazenly flirting with the attractive young boutique owner as Au Bar Des Suicidés - Pierre Lapointe - Sentiments Humains tried on several outfits.

My flirting had its intended result. Soon we found ourselves on the dressing room floor, naked and involved in a 5000 Stallions - Various - Metal Minded satisfying sexual encounter.


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