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Richard Treygus & Harold Kimp - La Colline

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Follow Inigo Ignatius of Loyola from ambitious, hot-headed, street-fighting sensualist to his co-founding with a radical group of young friends of the Society of Jesus in the 16th century. In Jonathan Moore's bold, visceral, funny and poetic play, he asserts Loyola's position as counter-cultural radical. But it is not only for those interested in Ignatius Richard Treygus & Harold Kimp - La Colline and the Jesuits.

It is also a political allegory about those who fight for change against an implacable Establishment. With the current Pope Francis a Jesuit, this is a timely exploration of one of history's major spiritual leaders and reformers: a story of a spiritual journey from sinner to saint. Published in conjunction with the play's run at the Pleasance Theatre, Londonit explores the life and times of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus Jesuits.

Of special interest to Catholic schools, colleges and seminaries. The play has been translated into Spanish. The skies over ancient Rome blaze with terrifying portents, and soothsayers warn Julius Caesar of approaching doom. As conspiracy swirls through the city, Shakespeare explores the deep repercussions of political murder on the human heart.

A classic tale of duplicity, betrayal and murder, masterfully performed by an all-star, all-American cast in this BBC co-production. With the humorous conceits of Sir Iohn Falstalffe'. It seems that it was an extremely popular play as it was reissued in a second edition in the same year, a rare occurrence at the time. The Arden text is taken from Q1 and from Q0, the surviving fragment of the quarto from which Q1 appears to have been taken.

The action of the play is based on part of the king's reign, from —3. As the play begins, Bolingbroke, now King Henry IV of England, is plagued by guilt at the usurpation and murder of his predecessor, Richard II, and troubled by disquiet from rebellious nobles from two of the highest families in the land, the Percys and the Mortimers.

The king's son, Prince Hal the future Henry Vhas acquired a new friend in the merry-making Sir John Falstaff, a lover of sack a type of early modern sherrywho takes him round taverns and introduces him Richard Treygus & Harold Kimp - La Colline low-lifes and madams. Hal insists he is living this lifestlye only temporarily, so that when he decides to become princely once again, members of the court will have more respect for him. The opportunity arises when the revolt of the nobles comes to a head at the Battle of Shrewsbury.

Hal comes head to head with his foil, Henry Percy or 'Hotspur'and eventually kills him in combat. Having been coerced onto the battlefield, Falstaff steals money from fallen men and plays dead when under attack, surviving the battle, but declaring that from then on he will live an honourable life. The play ends with the king commanding his sons and allies to ride towards York and Wales to prepare to fight further rebellious nobles.

As is common in Shakespeare's history plays, King Henry IV Part 1 deals extensively with the idea of kingship: how legitimate is Henry's reign, and is he a good king?

Hal learns that he too must decide what kind of prince and later, Carmel - David Benoit - Shaken Not Stirred he wants to be: he rejects his friends in order to become the man that will one day defeat the French at Agincourt, the most glorious of English victories to the early modern mind.

Honour, chivalry and courtesy are always brought into question in the play's medieval courtly world view. Falstaff, the opposite of all that is 'honourable', has remained throughout the centuries one of Shakespeare's best-loved comedic creations. Likely first portrayed by the Lord Chamberlain's Men popular clownish actor, Will Kemp, rumour has it that Queen Elizabeth I was so delighted with the Richard Treygus & Harold Kimp - La Colline that she 'commanded' Shakespeare to write a further play that saw Falstaff in love: The Merry Wives of Windsor.

The heir to the throne, Prince Hal, seems intent only on a life of debauchery in the company of the dissolute — but hilarious — Sir John Falstaff. As war looms and the stakes increase, father and son struggle to face their destinies — and each other. Following enquiries into his genealogical right to rule over France as well as England, and taunts from the French Dauphin about Richard Treygus & Harold Kimp - La Colline youth in the form of tennis balls, Henry resolves to invade France.

Following the English victory at the siege of Harfleur, the two armies prepare to confront one another at Agincourt. On the eve of battle, Henry disguises himself and goes into the camp, discussing with his soldiers the responsibilities of a king.

The first Quarto Q1 was not published until These contradictions are characteristic of responses to the play itself: its treatment of warfare has been the topic of debate for almost as long as it has been in performance. Does the play speak of national pride and English glory, or of ironic disenchantment and authoritarian kingship? A play obsessed with historical, political and performative truth, King Henry VIII was first performed under the title All is True at the Globe inwhen the charging of a small cannon near the end of the play famously set fire to the thatch at the top of the playhouse, and burnt it to the ground.

Such a play, with its suggestion of James I as a mythic heir, may have soothed the national consciousness. They complain about Cardinal Wolsey, who ensures that Buckingham is accused of high treason and executed.

Henry sets up a court judged by Wolsey and Cardinal Campeius from Rome to consider his divorce; Katherine pleads with him and then leaves. The court Richard Treygus & Harold Kimp - La Colline adjourned until she returns; the two Cardinals persuade her to relent. Henry secretly marries Anne. Katherine is dying, and sees a vision of spirits of peace. After Rambling Rose - Dean Martin - The Very Best Volume 1 her daughter Mary to Henry, she dies.

Anne falls pregnant. The play was a collaboration between the ageing Shakespeare and the young John Fletcher, who would go on to work together on The Two Noble Kinsmen c.

As a result, the play has often been staged for its theatrical effect over its dramatic content. It was perennially popular throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in productions dominated by static sequences of tableaux and grandiose set speeches.

King Henry VI Part 3 is effectively shaped from dense historical narratives, drawing out the complexities of morality and justice in the chaos of the Wars of the Roses. The play was known in the theatre by Like the two other parts of Henry VIquestions surrounding its authorship remain unsolved. Queen Margaret is furious, and leaves with their son to join the Northern lords and fight against the agreement.

His sons, Edward and Richard, hear first of their deaths and then of the defeat of their ally Warwick at the second Battle of St Albans. At the Battle of Towton, the Lancastrians are defeated, Clifford is killed. King Edward escapes to France, and then returns, capturing King Henry.

Richard goes to the Richard Treygus & Harold Kimp - La Colline and kills King Henry; Margaret is banished. The play is extremely rich, encompassing every level of society and the extremes of emotion in the human experience. The play is shaken by a radical instability that is political and existential — a vast backdrop to the figure of the mad king, broken by politic flattery and injustice, howling into the wind. In King Learfamily relations are continually called into question, as the text is concerned with the strength of blood in determining loyalty.

Moreover, the strain Rising Up - Young Guns - Ones And Zeros kinship in the text can be seen as a transition from an old order to a new one; the younger generation is at ideological odds with their elders, explaining their difficulty to connect with one another.

King Lear is thought to have been composed in Two, exceedingly different versions of the play text survive: the Quarto of and the First Folio of The choices of the Arden text rely mainly on Weck Mich Auf (Radio Edit) - Various - Bravo Hits 35 Folio, but the editor has also included lines from the Quarto which are not found in the Folio, and has thoughtfully explained such textual variations.

Renaissance drama refers to European drama from about the 15th to the early 17th centuries. During this period the rediscovery and imitation of classical works established the Renaissance drama foundations of the modern theatre. Renaissance drama began in Italy, with scholars initially attempting to recreate the original stagings of Greek and Roman plays, then adapting them to contemporary dress and speech. The new interest in classical drama was fired by the rediscovery of texts by Euripides, Seneca, Unstable (Original Mix) - Various - Tunes!

Volume 2, and Terence. The disreputable How High - Various - Promo Only Urban Series: August 1995 of acting began to assume a new dignity and the first professional companies were formed.

In the field of tragedy, the main influence on Renaissance writers was the work of Seneca. As early asAlbertino Mussato — wrote a Latin tragedy, Ecerinis. In the Renaissance theatre the solemn scenes of tragedy were often interspersed with intermezzisong and dance interludes that borrowed from the Greco-Roman Satyr-Play.

These interludes ultimately developed into the court masque in England, the opera in Italy, and ballet in France. The first significant comedy written in Italian was Calandria by Bernardo Dovizi da Bibbiena — In sixteenth-century Italy authors of the commedia erudite began to combine aspects of Roman comedy and tragedy with elements of the liturgical drama. A leading writer of the commedia erudite was Lodovico Ariosto — Renaissance stage design also harked back to classical models, especially to Vitruvius 1st century BCwhose ideas influenced the construction of the first permanent playhouses in Italy and France although theatres in Britain and Spain adapted features from the inn courtyards in which drama had Freaky - Mr.

Shadow - The Best Of been performed. Their designs incorporated classical devices Richard Treygus & Harold Kimp - La Colline the Periaktoi, although new features such as the proscenium arch were also introduced.


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