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Prelude: Act Of Fate - Messiah - Rotten Perish

Label: MG Records - MG 2336 • Format: Cassette Album, Unofficial Release • Country: Poland • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Death Metal
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Lyrics Forum Tablatures Links Feedback. Search lyrics archive:. All lyrics are property and copyright of their respective owners and are provided for educational purposes only. All advertising proceeds are used to maintain its servers. Add to Favorites. Messiah lyrics Album: Rotten Perish [] Tracks. These are all true, sad stories About many special people And are dedicated for those who will fail All of these people watched for the same light After they died and were leaving the Terrestrial existence A man knew exactly when he would die Prelude: Act Of Fate - Messiah - Rotten Perish with his christian faith, he prayed He was living with a confidence Raped bodies is a story of the lines of thought Of a convicted man Prelude: Act Of Fate - Messiah - Rotten Perish realized at Last his contrition as he sat in his Condemned cell.

He drifted into the new world Of the dreams of eschaton Anorexia nervosa is a condition that Leaves mentally ill people looking Like deformed creatures The final story is about an old woman Who is suffering from an incurable disease She's regressing into childish behaviour with Alzheimer's disease We all have to accept the Ascension of a divine ordinance But will this be the ascension?

Will there be a light? Will there be our lord of heaven? God created a world, a world of injustice, a world of distrust He created humans, humans of prejudice, humans with selfish- ness He forgot the justice, justice of humanity, justice of equali- ty You created our faults, pain in our bodies, weakness of our brains Chorus: For those who will fail Ora, uxorem, natura We talk about King Lover - Rob - Satyred Love, they couldn't live a real life Expelled from their families in a remote closed sanitarium They remain will they'll die We still shun all these human beings, are we too sensitive?

Why haven't they a place in our society, who takes the blame? We are all responsible and it's a sacrifice of our limited system Our system forbids us to Blaxck Ship Coming Pt.2 - Melodica Deathship - Doom Your Cities Doom Your Towns in their eyes and to talk to them Chorus If they are too weak for society, they will be isolated The other ones get their revenge Why can we not be happy to work with them, is this impossible?

When we meet these humand, we're afraid and they give us the creeps But later we're happy and laugh at these innocent creatures If we would open our minds, they could be our best friends Chorus. I look in the mirror, I see another face Waiting for my end will be my painful race My appearance has altered since I consulted my surgeon He told me about my illness, will survive one season Drinking is what I need to forget my daily sorrow Sadness is forgotten, will feel better tomorrow Living with a confidence will not be better My body is going weaker, my walking is a stagger Chorus: Jesus, I beg of thee, redeem my endless pain Forgive my sin and save my life, that's only what I need I prayed to you, every night, is this your thank to me?

I know you made this illness and drove me insane It's my intention to fight this battle against you Truth and denomination destroyed my life There exists only hate and rage in my head Pictures of my childhood cross my brain all the time Happiness was easy, there weren't evil minds Sadness was a foreign word, I never felt better I played with my friends, day in, day out I've got a lot of thoughts about my future My body's a piece of misery, I'm crippled like a creature Perishing in my bed and watching children play Shall I wait for my end, will this be the right way My torment is getting stronger, suicide is my solution Nobody will cry for me, they will treat me like a felon Everybody has forsaken me, delivery is my knife Will suicide be the way De Bron - Duvelduvel - Puur Kultuur search for a new life Chorus.

The time has come to tell you about my deed No way to understand how long my heart has bled I see my life in pictures torments and pleasures Survived through many conflicts my life gives me no pleasures My life will not be over, although I'm cast down It will begin now, the other way around I let self-drift from my sexual feelings They are too important for human beings.

Murder and manslaughter ruled my life Eliminated my enemies and killed my wife Nothing to lose, I'm condemned to death Enjoy the prison, till my last breath Either you kill or you will be killed, this was my sacred system No possibility to live with these rules, I followed my wisdom I have no regrets about my evil deeds, this was the way to exist Wriggle my neck out of the noose could make an artist My fate is decided life or death I whil away the time with games of chess I wished for a better end not to wait for my execution My name will be deleted this will be my termination It's gruesome to wait for the unknown, I don't know my fate Killing time and wait for mercy, that's what I hate Living in fear and trepidation there's hope yet I'm in fear of god, Platitude - Various - (Dont You Just Hate) Creeping Determinism has decided about my punishment Many years passed all of these were past Nothing has changed, every evening could be last Apathy becomes apparent, I feel so brainless I know for certain, I will die a natural death.

Time of puberty Age of quandary Sorrow and worries Disagreement Predicament I enigmatize Weakness overcomes my body, my brain's so empty I lose my appetite, day in day out My body's deeply marked, I'm undernourished Chorus: Mental changes, my mind is splitting Inferiority complexes, time to confess Pride and power, is giving me the hunger Depr4ession and apathy, is changing my spirit Time to go hungry It gives me great joy Pleasure and satisfaction To fight against My hunger pangs Gives me pride Feeling of sheer terror To see me in the mirror I could be so fat Every pound I lose Helps me on the course To my sheer perfection I don't realize how bad my body's feeling My eyes see only my perfect slim body But really I'm a half-starved skeleton Chorus.

Humans born healthy We converse all the time Humans born deformed We avoid all of them Your body's crippled, your face Regis - Complete Works 1994-1996 Your hand's mutilated, your skin's burnt My body's well-shaped, my face is striking My hand's delicate, my skin's very neat I can't see in your eyes Why don't you look at me?

You don't belong in our society You belong in a closed sanatorium I'm shocked by your body You're angry at our refusal I'm horrified by your face You're infurious at our inequity Chorus: All dreadful beings are creations of god God has decided you'll live as a clod God has decided, ill or healthy He forgot justice Was this the life you wished for Spending your life in a closed sanatorium Chorus. For fifty-two years We have been married We've had a lucky life But now the problems Prelude: Act Of Fate - Messiah - Rotten Perish begun Chorus: She's really changed, I can't understand my wife What's happened with her mind She keeps forgetting things I realize the degeneration of her memory Her lack of independence Distractedness, personality decline Obstructions of recollections The years pass slowly A lot has changed in my life She's living Preludium - Oblivion - Reptilian - Castle Of Yesterday a persecution complex My wife's a total physical wreck Chorus She's regressing more and more Jetais Un Arbre - Sam* - Jétais Un Arbre behaviour is like infancy I see only a grown-up foetus Nobody will help her I know she will die By the alzheimer's disease.

Will you get the chance to live a normal life? Were you living a bad life Prelude: Act Of Fate - Messiah - Rotten Perish a person, in your life before?

Your Im Not Involved - Lawrence Gowan - Gowan dream was to see god, when you arrived at the gates of heaven My Daughters - Various - Seaz Independent (Winter 2010) you see him?


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  1. Meztigor
    A1 Prelude: Act of Fate A2 For Those Who Will Fail A3 Living With a Confidence
  2. Kagalar
    Aug 10,  · Songs: Intro: Prelude Act of Fate, For Those Who Will Fail, Living With a Confidence, Raped Bodies, Psychomorphia, Condemned Cell.. The Choir of Horrors and Rotten Perish Era Live () [Live] by Messiah.
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    MESSIAH - Rotten Perish by Messiah Track Listings Disc: 1 1. Prelude/Act Of Fate 2. For Those Who Will Fail 3. Living With A Confidence 4. Raped Bodies 5. Lines Of Thought Of A Convinced Man 6. Contrition 7. Condemned Cell 8. Dreams Of Eschaton 9. Anorexia Nervosa Deformed Creatures.
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    Tracklist with lyrics of the album ROTTEN PERISH [] from Messiah: Prelude/Act Of Fate - For Those Who Will Fail - Living With A Confidence - Raped.
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    Only one year after the excellent "Choir Of Horrors", Messiah releases this good album. The sound is dryer, more aggressive. Smart idea that child speaking above classical guitar notes explaining the lyric themes of all the songs of the album.
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    Messiah discography (lives) Reanimation at Abart () Messiah discography (all) Extreme Hymns and Ballads of a Rotten Psycho Underground Horror Cult () The Mighty Chaos Has Returned (The Roots of Psychomorphia) () >.

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