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Maniacal Laughter - Unknown Artist - The BBC Sound Effects Library - PEOPLES REACTIONS

Label: Films For The Humanities - FFH211-22 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Non-Music • Style: Noise, Abstract, Special Effects, Ambient, Movie Effects, Experimental
Download Maniacal Laughter - Unknown Artist - The BBC Sound Effects Library - PEOPLES REACTIONS

Trauma and tragedy tend to follow characters like plagues, and they often break them down, turning them into insane, jaded shadows of their former selves. This can often happen in various ways, but the best way to tell if a character just can't take it anymore is if they just break down and start laughing for no reason at all, or for all the wrong reasons.

Usually, when this happens, they will continue to sit there, laughing uncontrollably, as if in a trance, until someone breaks them out of it, sometimes by a slap in the face.

Expect the laughing character to either gain control of themselves and apologize for losing it while still emotionally fragileof courseor, alternatively, simply stop caring about life. This may lead to them becoming distantor become more harsh than before.

More often extreme cases occur, Formatris - Spaceshiters - Grinding Dancers From Outa Space a character to turn to complete madness, going into an insane asylum. On the flip side, villains are also prone to this. It is often shown as being fundamentally different from an Evil Laughusually as them either laughing a lot longer than normal, having the laugh sound more deranged than cold and boastful, or a combination of the two.

This is normally used if the writer wants to characterize the villain in a much more psychotic light and have a more frightening nature than normal. Expect it to also be used for a Villainous Breakdown in some cases.

Like Insane Equals Violentthis phenomenon is rare in real-life instances of severe mental illness. In fact, a common characteristic of schizophrenia is the absence of laughter, or indeed of other indicators of emotion "flatness of affect". Not necessarily related to Evil Laughbut definitely a type of Freak Out! Is also a sure-fire sign of Sanity Slippage. Also see Put the "Laughter" in "Slaughter" for maniacs who engage in this regularly, and Giggling Villain for a constant if contained laugh.

Sometimes overlaps into Die Laughingespecially if it is the result of a Villainous Breakdown. May be the cause of Ominous Adversarial Amusement.

Compare Corpsinginvolving laughter at inappropriate times probably because repressing is maddening. Community Showcase More. A preview for the most disturbing episode of the show. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Anime and Manga. In Steins;Gate basically every time Hououin Kyoma enters the scene, though it's actually just an act. Sometimes Lulzaku is used.

Lelouch does this as well at the end of episode 17 in the first season. He has other laughs too, but that's the only one that actually sounds legitimately crazy. The English dub of Episode 23 also manages this perfectly. In Yu Yu Hakushoafter being defeated and losing his entire fortune, Tarukane goes into convulsions of insane laughter, which only end after Maniacal Laughter - Unknown Artist - The BBC Sound Effects Library - PEOPLES REACTIONS kills him.

In GeGeGe No Kitarowhen Kirara Fusano's attempt at exchanging her gonkish face for a pretty one results in it turning invisible. After the boy she is not in love with explains that he doesn't mind her Maniacal Laughter - Unknown Artist - The BBC Sound Effects Library - PEOPLES REACTIONS , Kirara suddenly laughs madly, explaining that the reason she changed her face was solely that people would stop humiliating her.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders : In the midst of a seemingly hopeless battle against the Sun Stand, Kakyoin, Jotaro and Polnareff all suddenly burst into creepy hysterics Kids Say The Darnedest Things - Tammy Wynette - Tammy - 20 Greatest Hits taking desperate shelter from the heat and laser rays as Joseph assumes that they all lost it.

However, it's a subversion: They're all laughing because they figured out that the nearly unstoppable Stand actually has a glaring weakness. In Azumanga Daiohafter a Beach Episode and everyone's back to school, quote Tomo: "this is the first day of vacation" repeating it like a mantra, following a Butthead-like laughter. Franken Fran : Mr. Umimiya appears on the verge of a laughing nervous breakdown upon discovering his long lost daughter Ruri's whom a maniacal cult worshipped as their prophet body had become a part of the facility they're standing in due to the cult requesting Fran that she create an enormous artificial body when she fell ill.

Higurashi: When They Cry. All over the freaking place. In fact, the first thing you see in the second arc, even before the opening, is a scene of Rika stabbing herself in the neck while Shion laughs maniacally. It then takes about 10 episodes before you're finally told the context, and that makes it even creepier. For your viewing pleasure, some YouTube Poop of Shion laughing In the intro of Paranoia Agenteveryone is laughing. In the most unlikely situations, such as a guy in freefall, a drowning woman Kotonoha Goin Home - Average White Band - Soul Searching School Days does this frequently after her descent into crazyville.

Jail Scaglietti does it frequently. Puella Magi Madoka Magica : During a fight with a witch, Sayaka laughs maniacally as she gives it a violent beating, with no regards to her own safety.

Maniacal Laughter - Unknown Artist - The BBC Sound Effects Library - PEOPLES REACTIONS hammers in how close she is to the Despair Event Horizon. Also, Walpurgisnachtwho won't stop letting out peals of echoing laughter while taking a humongous beating. In this case, it underscores both her inherent madness, and the utter futility of fighting her.

Quatre from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing after witnessing the deaths of his father Maniacal Laughter - Unknown Artist - The BBC Sound Effects Library - PEOPLES REACTIONS most likely his sister Iria it's only confirmed in the manga version of the scene.

Death Note : the deleted scene where Light stays in the graveyard after L's funeralstarts laughing madly, proceeds to crawl on top of L's grave and shouts "What do you think of that, L? This is my perfect victory! And another one in the final episode where Light admits he's Kira. While he's sane afterward, the new Greed of Fullmetal Alchemist Love - Various - The Rubble Collection Volumes 1-10 is shown ending his Painful Transformation with a frightening Slasher Smile and some truly maniacal laughter.

Edward has one after he realizes that trying to resurrect Trisha was a Senseless Sacrifice. He stops when Julia gets the Sanguine Star, and he's come a lot of the way down from his high when the real Ashleigh Crichton vaporises his head. Alucard of Hellsing certainly enjoys many inappropriate moments of insane laughter Full Metal Panic! Or denying that his latest bone-headed antic bothers her in the least.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Yoko Wakana, the mad policewoman from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffuplays the trope straight. In Barefoot GenGen's mother Kimie falls into this. It's quite appropriate after watching her entire family burn to death amongst their pleas for help. Doctor Franken Stein of Soul Eater does this on several occasions.

Definitely the Sanity Slippage variety. The most striking would have to be after his fight with Medusa, with Stein breaking into a lovely example as stands with his scythe as the witch's blood rains down on him. Madness, apparently, feels good. Anyone under the influence of the Black Blood would do this. Crona and Maka are examples.

Giriko does one in chapter Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto has an epic one in chaptercoupled with Sanity Slippage and Villainous Breakdown in a fashion very similar to his We Crush - Slogun - We Human Animal. Not to mention Hidan of the Akatsuki.

This guy wasn't sane to begin with, but once he gets into his rituals Gaara has a great one during his fight with Naruto. In chapterKabuto has lost quite a bit of sanity following Orochimaru's death and reveals he has absorbed Orochimaru's remains.

At one point he bursts into hysterical laughter. In chapter Kabuto does this after talking with the resurrected Itachi.

Andrea of Gankutsuou is not exactly sane. In one scene, the Count watches Survive - Destination Zero - Survive leave his ship, quite peeved with him.

Although we're led to presume that the guy is deep in grief over Pony Pressure - Various - Skint Sluts event, we quickly see him break out into hysterical laughter. And from then on, he's out there, madly pursuing his revenge. Ax-Crazy Creepy Child Gretel of Black Lagoon laughs once when Eda asks her why they're still after Balalaika even though they killed the guy who hired them.

And Daemon Spade. In chapter he orders Enma to "take Sawada's skull and crush it like glass", and then he laughs maniacally Grimmjow of Bleach laughs madly as he's beating the crap out of Ichigo during one of their fights and right after he kills Luppi.

Mad Scientist Szayel does so at times. Future Diary : Yuno does this quite a few times. Alois Trancy of Black Butler II out of nowhere breaks into hysterical laughter when he's alone in his room in Maniacal Laughter - Unknown Artist - The BBC Sound Effects Library - PEOPLES REACTIONS 1 to help show how insane he is. On the other side of the spectrum, Ciel gives us an absolutely geelful one after the circus arc, when he travels to the workhouse only to find out that it's in ruins.

It's frightening in contextconsidering that the revelation would mean that the circus children all died trying to protect nothing. Dragon Ball Z : Broly definitely applies, especially in the flashbacks where it is clear that his laughter was uncontrollable after destroying at least one planet as a child.

Frieza also gives one off while destroying Planet Vegeta. Well, he did seem a bit too exhilerated at blocking Bardock's attack as well as destroying Planet Vegeta. Majin Buu in his true, Kid Buu form. It's not just with those guys, either—Noah Piano Concerto, Op.

4 - André Tchaikowsky*, Maciej Grzybowski, Vienna Symphony Orchestra*, Paul Dani an insane bit of laughter like this in his arc, after which he temporarily believed himself to be Seto.

He snapped out of it pretty quickly, though.


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