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Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious

Label: Ambulancia - A970 • Format: CD EP • Country: US • Genre: Electronic, Rock • Style: Goth Rock, Prog Rock
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Trance to the Sun —present is a neo-psychedelic post-punk band originally based out of Santa BarbaraCalifornia. Trance to the Sun has had a considerable impact on the dark wave, gothic rock and post-punk music scenes in the U. Despite the multiple band lineup changes over the years, the core group remained tenacious and steadfast. Instead, they created a legacy of music that is at once entertaining Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious it is intelligent.

Also noteworthy is the band's productivity. Between andTrance to the Sun released 7 studio albums, one E. As of April25 Trance to the Sun songs have been featured on 23 artist compilations. Trance To The Sun halted the making of any new music in During the band's inactive period, the band released three compilations including previously released and unreleased material, and two remastered LAllegra Brigata* - Amapola / Noche De Ronda / Alma Llanera / Mantiglie. InTrance to the Sun reformed to tour and release their 8th studio album titled Via Subterraneawhich is slated for a release.

The origin of the name Trance to the Sun was explained by Sain in Trance to the Sun began in as Ashkelon Sain performing solo electric guitar in Southern California. He received a favorable response to his first cassette release Volcano on his personal label Etherhaus, which was followed up by a second cassette release Dusk in on Etherhaus. Sain recalled Trance to the Sun's beginnings in a interview with Morbid Outlook magazine.

Another cassette entitled "Dusk" followed in —one song-forty minutes. There were some "off" periods in andwhere I was involved in Blade Fetish and This Ascension.

Blade Fetish broke up inreformed in and toured the U. During the break, Sain began recording new songs on his 4-track with his then-girlfriend Wakefield, and recording his live performances. Tess Records signed Trance to the Sun in and the band released Ghost Foresta collection of Sain's live and studio recordings, on cassette later that year.

With the intent to raise the fidelity of the recording, a partially re-recorded version of the album was submitted for release on CD in To support "Bloom Flowers, Bloom! The band was very close with Lycia and enjoyed their time on tour together.

Sain: "We set up a show for [ Lycia ] to play with us in Santa Barbara. They invited us to play a show with them in Phoenix. Mike is so swell and helpful. I knew I wanted to tour with them and so Andante - Rubinstein* he. By the time Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious west coast shows rolled around, our respective record companies were booking us a joint national tour I felt I had done terribly but afterward, all these people came up to me saying, 'I've loved you since Ionia.

Also during this tour, Trance to the Sun played C1the first annual floating Convergence festival, in Chicago, Illinois. Despite frequently being considered as part of the gothic rock genre, Sain did not view the music as such, though he did credit its listeners with discovering many noteworthy bands: "Goth is an important doorway for lots of things that would not be accepted easily anywhere else. For example, who were the first people to embrace Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious Sugarcubes?

Pixies ? Gothic audience, not fratboys. It's no wonder nobody can agree on what "Gothic" means I just like to play interesting music. It just so happens to be the 'goths' who are listening. I have my own ideas and if they ever too closely resemble something that I've heard before, I usually discard them. Venomous Evewhich was already being recorded prior to the release of "Bloom Flowers, Bloom!

Donato as a third member of the group. Sain commented on the experience of gaining a third member in a interview. It's been a long, evolutionary process, but I think it's safe to say that we are now a threesome.

We've taken on a keyboardist named Lucian, who is really quite a bizarre character. He fits in as though he was always there, it's strange.

Venomous Eve was the best-received Trance to the Sun album to date. Dave Segal of Alternative Press wrote: "Trance cast off the crutches of conventional song structure and bask in a shimmering miasma of tweaked and freaked guitars, synths, violins and bass These nine long songs move with knight-like stealth and elegance, wreathed in all manner of bizarre noises Trance to the Sun had been opening for Cindytalk earlier in the year, and Sain asked Gordon Sharp CindytalkThis Mortal Coilwho was visiting Sain at the time, to sing in her place.

Robert Alonzo, who had just joined the live line-up on drums for the first time in the band's history, played only one earlier show with the group prior to Wakefield's departure. Sain enlisted Dragonqueen vocalist Dawn Wagner, who had opened for Trance to the Sun during the Cindytalk tour, as a replacement for Wakefield in The two released the E.

Delirious later that year, where Sain also performed some vocal duties. Gary Thrasher of Outburn Magazine wrote:. With a voice that can Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious from the cloudy heights of Cocteau Twins' Liz Frasier down to the sexually charged growl of Switchblade Symphony's Tina Root, Dawn brings a whole new feel to the band.

Ashkelon steps up to show he has an excellent voice as well on "Sympathy For Cruel Causes. After the tour, Wagner В Гору - Хлоп-Ч.* - С Запада На Восток the group to focus on her new project Scarlet Slipping, for which Sain recorded and mixed two albums.

Sain recruited Ingrid Luna then Ingrid Bluewho had performed violin on some demos, as the third vocalist in It is the only Trance スピーカーにTバック (Instrumental Version) - Dabo Feat. Lisa - ねぇD (Lady) the Sun album to feature all three vocalists—the first released recordings with Blue, as well as unreleased tracks from the Wagner and Wakefield periods—and contains many of the band's most popular songs including "Execution of the Stars", "Slave", and Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious Rain V.

The album featured several guest musicians including Faith and Disease members Eric Cooley and Dara Rosenwasser, and also featured album artwork by Wakefield and Blue. Cover artwork and direction by Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious , an accomplished painter in her own right, would become commonplace beginning in You're forced to throw away any preconceptions that Goth is 'low-energy' music.

The Foundation 11 Loop 1 - Various - Fundamentals EP toured the U. S to support the album with additional musician Joaquin Gray on bass guitar as joint headliners with Seattle's Faith and Diseasejoining together for the end of the set.

S to support it with additional musicians Dhanan Zakheim on bass guitar and guitarist James Webb recruited from Santa Barbara thrash metal band Asinine, for whom Sain had produced a demo recording earlier that year. Urchin Tear Soda was more synthetic and refined than previous releases. Paul Angelosanto of Instant Magazine wrote, "The production and implementation are impeccable.

Every tone and echo seem to be perfectly placed and designed. It all feels so well made that when listened to it gives you the feeling of sitting alone as space rushes through you. This recording was remastered in and a digital booklet was added which contained footage from a stop in Seattle about a week later in the tour. This tour included a second Convergence appearance at C6 in Seattle, Washington.

InTrance to the Sun released Atrocious Virgin. The cover art features several paintings and drawings by Blue. Sain considered Atrocious Virgin to Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious among his best work, referring to it on the Trance to the Sun Bandcamp website as their "gothic-psychedelia magnum opus". I kind of logged my studio time. To do that kind of studio work by yourself, you have to take careful notes.

And on the last Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious To The Sun album there's a song called "Map of the Lost" which set the all time record at hours. The reason it took so long is because it went through several mutilations before reaching a final stage.

We did 7 albums and shows I went off my head, and I went to work at sea. I took a job on a ship for awhile And maybe the impeding factor in being so largely responsible, is there is only so much one person can do. And wanting to be able to do more, wanting to accomplish more Like, I don't ask for more in terms of what that music was. The music came out precisely as it should of [ sic ], I spent ALL the time necessary that it did. The tours certainly suffered.

We played under-promoted tours, and there were some nights when only 10 people showed up I mean, we played those shows, we played them masterfully, we put everything we had into them You can only have that happen so many times In fallhe began a series of ambient recordings, self releasing them under the name Submarine Fleet. Sain relocated to Portland, Oregon in March Ashe Ruppe, who Leaves - Trance To The Sun - Delirious in Portland, helped facilitate the move.

He briefly joined the local Cure tribute band theXplodingboys Rosetta - Mel Powell - Four Classic Albums Pluswhich he would rejoin in Submarine Fleet released two albums in and Sain produced the Projekt Records releases Atlan and Eztica of the Portland-based Tuvan throat singer Soriahfor which Sain also performed, received co-billing, and toured.

The and west coast Soriah tours were expanded to include a full band that included theXplodingboys drummer Daniel Henderson, who would join Trance to the Sun in InTrance to the Sun reunited for a single performance at C13 Convergence in Portland, Oregon with Ingrid Blue on lead vocals, Dhanan Zakheim on bass guitar, and several of Sain's Portland collaborators performing additional backing vocals, guitars, electronics, and hand percussion.

Along with songs from each full-length studio release to date, the collection also featured the unreleased outtake "Winter Furnace Winds" from the Dawn Wagner period, and the Cocteau Twins cover "When Mama Was Moth". InTrance to the Sun released The Blue Obscuritiesa collection of previous compilation tracks and unreleased material from the Blue period, as well as two newer instrumental pieces, on Below Sea Level Recordings. The cover art once again consisted of artwork by Blue, and included photos from an unfinished video for the Atrocious Virgin track "Sleeping With the Natives".

Trance to the Sun also released a digital-only album All the Covers - through Projekt Records Shit of Satan - Paroxysm - .alles kann, nichts muss!!!which consisted of a collection of previously exclusive compilation tracks that the band had reacquired the rights to release.


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    Oct 28,  · In particular, Trance to the Sun’s music relies heavily on the phaser pedal—the tracks in their songs oscillate so much that it makes you feel dizzy and light-headed to listen to them. The end result is druggy and brooding, owing as much to classic psychedelic and shoegaze bands as it does to goth rock/5(9).
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    May 28,  · Leaves 4. And Then We Mutated 5. Violet Thursday 6. Temporary Sanctuary 7. Sympathy for Cruel Causes Amazon's Trance To The Sun Store Delirious is a wonderful work of art. The cover artwork is inspiring, the music is bold, different and intoxicating. Highly recommended, 5 5/5(1).
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    A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "delirious by trance to the sun" - from the fordrerilblackbearerwhisperfire.infoinfo website.
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    Over the years the duo have carved out a cult following with their genre defying dark psychedelia. Mixing elements of darkwave and progressive music Trance to the Sun's unique vision has been a favorite of fans of the underground since their origin. Rock, trip and trance all describe the band's mood and music.
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    Trance To The Sun. Trance to the Sun inspired a loyal following and widespread critical acclaim with their unique brand of lushly textured and highly emotive songscapes. More.
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    Ghost Forest Mint Cauldron Street August Rain Eonite Trip Vilette Clocks Lend Me Your Most Vile Voidswallow Exhibition III Ghost Forest Bloom Flowers, Bloom! You So You Spider Like Fish And Knife A Sun Lingering Disease Clandestiny Gira Sola Trans Lucia .

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