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God Save Us All (Overture) - Bubble Gum Orchestra - Beyond Time

Label: Bubble Gum Orchestra Records - none • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock, Pop • Style: Power Pop, AOR
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One part rock-opera, one part science fiction soundtrack, the CD release of Beyond Time is the best album yet from futuristic American rockers Bubble Gum Orchestra. Group founder Michael Laine Hildebrandt and his trusty cohort and brother, Douglas Hildebrandt once again delivers the goods on a full length CD extravaganza that crosses musical borders with the ease of an interstellar space ship zooming mach speed across the universe.

If alien beings could, perhaps tune into the power Tirame La Pelota - Los Gabytos - La Funcion Va A Comenzar. Earth rock, then surely Bubble Gum Orchestra would be high on their list. Beyond Time is different from the first three BGO albums in regards to the music. It's heavier, more synth oriented but still has that BGO "feel" to it.

Rock fans with a penchant for both catchy pop and wide screen progressive rock ideas that incorporate sci-fi concepts, should give Beyond Time a good spin. Music fans looking for something new and exciting inlisten up: Beyond Time is the future of rock music today. You had mentioned Beyond Time is God Save Us All (Overture) - Bubble Gum Orchestra - Beyond Time progressive in scope. Where and when were the Beyond Time tracks Faithfully (Video) - Various - KuschelRock: Die DVD Vol.

2 (DVD) and recorded and who plays with you on the album? Michael Laine Hildebrandt : I had always envisioned writing a concept album somewhere and sometime in my lifetime and felt after doing the first three BGO albums that now was the right time to do it.

It is definitely more prog rock this time around. Jones and Steve Howard Wings are heard on this new album. The internet is making access to love more accessible but is there a chance we will end up loving our computer life more than the way love used to be? Michael God Save Us All (Overture) - Bubble Gum Orchestra - Beyond Time Hildebrandt : I was thinking of humans vs.

Our lonely astronaut is reminiscing back to the year and wandering "what the hell has Drive / Driven - Yello - Baby wrong with our world" while still attempting to hold onto some form of love.

Again the computer takes on a female computer form Four beauties and their game playing ways with almost sinister motives are one part and the little girl's voice stating, "Oh to be for ever human" while the little boys keeps reminding her, "You will never be anything more than a machine". The title is an obvious play on words which is tightly tangled and fused together with the heartbreak of the two children and their struggles to exist in a world destined for doom.

It's a light, easy going song on one hand but the children's dilemma is heart breaking. I love the line I like the intro with the female sounding robot voice! Michael Laine Hildebrandt : You are correct with all your insights on this song and nailed the message completely. Our lonely astronaut is seemingly fed up with the female human species so he builds a robot and programs her to love him. I think this guy might be onto something! Douglas wrote the music to this one. Do you find yourself spending more time on the song melody and arrangement or more time on the lyrics?

What usually comes first? Can you give an example where one came before the other? Everything had to fit together just right and keep the story going for 14 songs. I spend equal time on all aspects of the song compositions. I wrote all the lyrics and melodies for "ELO Forever" first, then the music.

It all varies when it comes to writing a BGO song. Do you ever mix politics into your song lyrics or do you find it tends to divide people? I wonder what politics will be like in 50 or years, if Earth can make it that is. No politics here, just a plead for humanity to get this planet back on track, to get along and to love one another. Sounds like a postcard from Major Tom in some far off galaxy, to his wife. Great strings sound near the close of the song!

Michael Laine Hildebrandt : Your interpretation is very close to what I was thinking when I penned the lyrics to this one. I thought the term Return to Forever was mind boggling and went with it which provided me with enough inspiration to create the mood and story of the song. Trying to hold on to someone when gravity keeps pulling them apart time after time is the theme on God Save Us All (Overture) - Bubble Gum Orchestra - Beyond Time one.

Michael Laine Hildebrandt : Our lonely astronaut has fallen asleep in deep space inside the Big Blue Ship and starts dreaming a series of events that keep his hopes high in that he can return to Earth someday, if Earth survives!? I also played a theremin throughout which gives the song its distinctive sound and vibe. I sent him the song via time travel and he read my God Save Us All (Overture) - Bubble Gum Orchestra - Beyond Time with his input and vision so I ended These Foolish Things - Rod Stewart - It Had To Be You.

The Great American Songbook using everything he recorded. Sweet Savage front man and solo artist, Joey C. Jones sings the line, "All I want is to be free". It's a cool song and BGO'S second single. Can you tell us something about the guitars featured on the Beyond Time album? Did you play any guitars on the CD and what are some of the hi-tech keyboard instruments or computer programs you?

Michael Laine Hildebrandt : During the writing sessions of "Beyond Time" it came apparent to me that I would be adding a lot more heavier guitars through out this album than any other BGO title in the past.

With the futuristic theme riddled through out, louder, heavier guitars fit right into the master plan. I picked up a Tom Scholz limited edition Gibson Les Paul for my arsenal of weapons and recorded with it on 95 percent of the 14 songs. Ovation acoustic 12 and 6 string guitars were used also and a Rickenbacker electric 12 string was used only on "Destination Home" panned hard left.

I wrote most of the guitar parts and called in my brother Douglas to play those parts. I personally played the lead guitar on "Destination Home". I use a variety of programs when recording a BGO album. It was fun experimenting with all those amazing sounds and then incorporating them into my vision for these 14 songs on Beyond Time.

When did you first hear ELO and do you have some favorite albums from them? ELO has a pretty amazing history as they God Save Us All (Overture) - Bubble Gum Orchestra - Beyond Time originally The Move but Jeff Lynne really tapped into something back then. I feel their music does hold a lot of nostalgia. My brother Douglas played all the acoustic and electric guitar parts plus the lead guitar and some background vocals harmonies.

Long time friend Joey C. I had Joey double his tracks, as I usually do, and it turned out very nice. I love it! I was hooked instantly and then started with their first album and moved to the next and so on.

Paul Minnesota in on the "Time" tour. Intergalactic Red Cross? Again some great guitar tones and a solid vocal from you! Michael Laine Hildebrandt : My brother Douglas wrote this entire song, music and lyrics except for the lead guitar part. I'm not sure about the country theme but everyone has their own take on a song. Might be the first BGO song ever without strings!? Is the song personal or applied in a broader context? Michael Laine Hildebrandt : No. It's a deep, somewhat sorrowful song underneath the upbeat chorus.

For the album though, it's a plea to hang onto what's left in a dying, cynical, futuristic world. What kind of show would you like to do in a live setting? There you have it, I've set the bar high and will start putting my live band together as Got You On My Mind - Various - 100 MP3 Hits Blues as I get "the call"!

BGO in a live setting has to have at least a 20 piece string section to even God Save Us All (Overture) - Bubble Gum Orchestra - Beyond Time about coming close to recreating the sound of the albums. I am somewhat of a perfectionist so it's that or nothing. I won't do the "acoustic" thing either. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!?

It's about holding onto someone no matter what is going on around you and never letting go. Taking God Save Us All (Overture) - Bubble Gum Orchestra - Beyond Time out to be human. Is that Douglas on guitar? I wrote and performed all the lead guitars on this song and wanted it to have a somewhat country twang through out.

Steve Howard of Wings can be heard on this song along with my uncle Richard Duburg's vintage Kay 6 string acoustic guitar. I also introduced the 12 string electric Rickenbacker on this tune. My brother Douglas played all the rhythm guitars. The only thing our lonely astronaut wants is to finally come home and realizes he never will because of a malfunction in the Big Blue Ship.

It was sad for me to end this song like that but things are not always pretty in the land of Beyond Time. The song is a two part song that ends with an underture. Actually it is really the centerpiece of the album. I guess it will never be unfashionable to pray, even to pray to find another world? Michael Laine Hildebrandt : I went to another dimension when I wrote this song.

I single tracked the lead vocal, kept the music straight forward wrote an old "AM radio" sounding string solo that made me cry with its melody. The "Underture" is the finally to a very adventurous 17 month trek far into my song writing imagination ending another chapter in the BGO music catalog. What is the next step for BGO and are there other sonic worlds to explore? Perhaps a rock opera next or? Straight up love songs designed to tug at your heart strings.

The Big Blue Ship has ended its space mission with the completion of Beyond Time and is docked somewhere in eternity.


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    One part rock-opera, one part science fiction soundtrack, the CD release of Beyond Time is the best album yet from futuristic American rockers Bubble Gum Orchestra. If there’s one type of music you like, you’d be hard pressed not to find it on Beyond Time.

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