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Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle

Label: Kolony Records - KR003 • Format: CD Album • Country: Italy • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Hardcore
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Tonight I shall discuss one of the vicious circles that is very common among human beings. To some degree it operates in every human soul. Most of the time it lives in the subconscious, although some parts of this circle may be conscious. It is important in this work that you follow the circle Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle you uncover it in its entirety, for otherwise you cannot dissolve it.

My words are not addressed so much to your conscious mind, to your intellect, but to the level of your emotions where this vicious circle exists. Benign and Viscous Circle by Jan Rigsby. Even if you are aware of some parts of the vicious circle, use these words to search for all the other parts you are still unaware of.

Perhaps there are a few among you who are utterly unaware of any part of this circle. In that case and to begin with, these words will guide you to make at least one part conscious. This will not be so difficult Color Of Trust - Zakłócić - Split Tour Mixtape many of your symptoms will easily show you that, though unconscious, the circle very much lives within you.

Still, do not interpret Tu Es A Moi - Pierre Lapointe - Sentiments Humains words to mean that you consciously think and react according to the vicious circle; realize that it is hidden.

It will be up to you to make the chain reaction conscious in your work on this path of self-finding and self-development. Becoming conscious of these hidden currents will give you freedom and victory. Most of my friends realize that an illogical way of thinking, feeling, and reacting exists in every personality, even though consciously you may know a better logic. Everything in the unconscious is primitive, ignorant, and very often illogical, although it does follow a certain limited logic of its own.

The vicious circle Stars On 45 - Stars On 45 - Stars On 45 Vol. 2 is my subject tonight begins in childhood, where all images are formed. The child is helpless; it needs to be taken care of; it cannot stand on its own two feet; it cannot make mature decisions; it cannot be independent of weak and selfish motives—and therefore must depend on other human beings to a certain degree.

Hence the child is incapable of unselfish love. The mature adult grows into it provided the whole personality matures harmoniously and provided that none of the childish reactions remain hidden in the Im About To Come Alive - Train - My Private Nation. If they do, only part of the personality will grow while another part—and a very important one at that—will remain immature.

There are very few adults who are as mature emotionally as they are intellectually. The child desires to be loved; in fact, it needs to be loved. If an adult existed who was able to give a semblance of divine love, the conflict we are discussing here would not arise.

But even in this case, the inner problems of an entity would never be solved. For nothing can really be solved by what another person can or cannot do! That is why life on this imperfect and unpurified planet is necessary for every soul who is not yet pure. The child comes in contact with more or less imperfect surroundings that bring its inner problems to the fore. Because of the lack of divine love, the child in its ignorance craves an exclusive love that is neither divine nor humanly possible.

The love it wants is selfish; it does Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle want to share love with others, with brothers or sisters or even with the other parent. The child is often unconsciously jealous of both parents. Yet, if the parents do not love each other, the child suffers even more. So the first conflict arises from two opposite desires.

On the one hand the child wants the love of each parent exclusively; on the other, it suffers if the parents do not love each other.

Since the love-capacity of any parent is imperfect, the child misunderstands that, despite the imperfection, most parents are still fully capable of loving more than one person. The child feels excluded and rejected if the parent also loves others, however. In short, the exclusive love the child craves can never be gratified. This frustration causes the child to feel rejected, which, in turn, causes hatred, resentment, hostility, and aggression.

This is the second part of the vicious circle. The need for love that cannot be gratified causes hatred and hostility toward the very people one loves most. Generally speaking, this is the second conflict of the growing human being.

If the child hated someone it did not love at the same time, if it loved in its own way and did not desire love in return, this conflict could not arise. The very fact that hatred exists for the very person one loves dearly creates an important conflict in the human psyche. It is self-evident that the child feels ashamed of these negative emotions, and therefore it puts this conflict into the subconscious where it festers.

It is this guilt, living on and on in the subconscious, which in the adult personality causes all sorts of inner and outer conflicts. Moreover, people are unaware of the roots of these conflicts until they decide Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle find out what is hidden in their subconscious. The guilt has a further, and again inevitable, reaction.

However, the manifestations can be found in Summer Rain - Belinda Carlisle - The Collection symptoms, which, if followed through, will finally lead to the chain reactions I will describe next.

With the fear of punishment a further reaction Baião De Dois - Luiz Gonzaga - Disco De Ouro – Vol. 02 in. Whenever you are happy and enjoy pleasure, in spite of this being a natural longing, you feel you do not deserve it.

The guilt of hating those it loves most, convinces the child that it is undeserving of anything good, joyful, or pleasurable.

The child feels Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle if it were ever to become happy, the punishment, which seems inevitable, would be that much greater. Therefore the child unconsciously avoids happiness, thinking to atone in this way and thus to avoid even greater punishment.

Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle avoidance creates situations and patterns that always seem to destroy everything most dearly wished for in life. It is this fear of happiness that leads a person to all sorts of unhealthy reactions, symptoms, endeavors, manipulations of emotions, and even to actions which indirectly create patterns that appear as if they happened involuntarily, without the personality being responsible for them at all.

Thus a further conflict comes into existence. On the one hand, the personality is yearning for happiness and fulfillment, on the other, a fear of happiness prohibits the fulfillment. Although the desire for happiness can never be eradicated, yet, due to this deeply hidden guilt feeling, the stronger one desires happiness, the guiltier one feels.

Many personal as well as mass images are gathered along the way, all helping to fortify this chain reaction. Now, the fear of being punished and the fear of not deserving happiness create a further and more complicated reaction.

It is much worse to be punished by others, for then I am really at the mercy of others, be it people, be it the fates, be it God, be it life itself. But perhaps if I punished myself I could at least avoid the humiliation, the helplessness, and the degradation of being punished by forces outside myself.

The compulsive desire for self-punishment due to wrong and ignorant conclusions exists in every human being to some degree. Thus the personality inflicts punishment on itself.

This may happen in various ways, either by physical disease that the psyche produces, or by various mishaps, difficulties, failures, or conflicts in any area of life.

In each case the area affected depends on the personal image the child has formed and carried around during this lifetime until it is found and eventually dissolved. Or, if an image connected to love and marital life exists, the same pattern will hold true there. Hence, if and when you do not succeed in a conscious and legitimate desire, and looking at your life you find the pattern that the fulfillment of the conscious desire was constantly frustrated, as though you had nothing to do with it, as though an unkind fate had happened to you, you can be sure that not only does an image and a wrong conclusion exist within you, but that, in addition, the need for self-punishment is also present.

The original split between love and hate, which started the vicious circle, causes further splits, as you can see quite clearly by now. One of the conflicting feelings is the need for self-punishment, yet, on the other hand, the desire not to be punished coexists with it. Perhaps I can atone in another way for my great guilt of hating.

One does so by setting such a high standard for oneself that it is impossible to live up to it in reality. You get over something only if you can air it out. That is why the same old hatred still lingers on in you. That is also why you constantly feel guilty. If it were really a matter of the past, you would not feel this acute guilt all the time, even though the guilt is not conscious. You think that by being so perfect you can avoid punishment. In this way a second conscience is being created.

Do not confuse this conscience with the second conscience that has been artificially created out of compulsion to atone for a supposed sin, or even for a real failing.

Neither imaginary sins nor real failings can be atoned for by the artificial and over-demanding conscience; in reality no one needs to be punished. As you all know by now, the way to eliminate real failings is very different and much more constructive. If and when you finally differentiate between these two kinds of conscience, you will have taken a great step forward.

The good and pure divine conscience is, of course, concerned with your progress, with your spiritual development, and with the fulfillment of your personal task in life. It is also concerned with your personal law. When I say personal law, this should not be misunderstood. It does not mean the kind of behavior that self-willed, primitive, undeveloped or antisocial people display.

Such people disregard not only the law of their government, but also divine law. The personal law I refer to is part Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle divine law; it always remains within the framework of the divine and never contradicts it. Yet every child of God is different in development as well as in character and temperament.

Each person has different qualities and shortcomings. Therefore, every human being needs something different for each life, and often something different for each period within the same life. What applies to Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle person does not necessarily apply to others.

Divine law is wide and very flexible. It knows none of the rigidities and generalizations of the human misinterpretations of divine law. Such Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle may close in some individuals. They feel acutely what is expected of them and what they consciously think is right oppresses them. Perhaps their selfish instincts are still so strong that their real and divine Minatore - Donella Del Monaco - Merica Merica has that effect, but perhaps it is leading them according to their personal life plan.

So perhaps your surroundings lead you to do something that in itself is right and yet that may not be the right thing for you. On the other hand Freedom - Chain Reaction - Vicious Circle your real conscience wants you to do may at first appear contrary to the ethical and moral law of your environment. Though this may sound strange to you, yet when you think more deeply it is not so strange.


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    Synonyms for chain of circumstances. noun related series of events. chemical reaction. vicious circle. causal nexus. cause and effect. chain of circumstances. concatenation of events.
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    A further chain reaction in this vicious circle is the personality’s split in its desire currents. The original split between love and hate, which started the vicious circle, causes further splits, as you can see quite clearly by now.
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