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Ages Of Pain - Aries Vehemens - Decade Of Necrosodomy

Label: Putrid Cult - PUTRID 31 • Format: Cassette Reissue, Limited Edition, Album • Country: Poland • Genre: Rock • Style: Death Metal
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University of O xford T ext A rchive. He briefly represents the Splendid Oeconomy of the Celestial Spheres, the Pattern of the most Flourishing Empires; then most Glorious when most conformable to the Heavens.

So that the Circensian Games seem not to have been so much, an Exercise of Charioting and Racing, as an Astronomical Cursus; wherein the People were not only delighted by the Exhibition of corporal Games, but had their Cassiodor.

Minds also instructed to apprehend the Course and Order of the Celestial Bodies, which in the Great Circus of the World are continually moving. This Method of inculcating Knowledge with Delight though in a different way Manilius hath likewise pursued; who intending to exhibit to the Age wherein he lived the Rudiments of Astronomy, chose Death Becomes All - Various - Worldchaos Production represent the same in a Poetical Dress, that so his Readers might be allured to relish with the greater Gusto the initiating Principles of a Science not easily acquired; and he thereby gain to himself the Repute which good Poets chiefly affect, of being able at once both to instruct and please.

Why, in an Age wherein the learned World is so fruitful in Accurate Productions of this Kind, obtrude We upon the Reader a Piece of less curious and less knowing Antiquity? Fourthly, What by help of the Telescope hath been lately detected and demonstrated by Galilaeo, Raw & Uncut - Various - Hardcore Hysteria Vol.2, and others, that the Galaxie is a Congeries of Numberless small Stars, was by the sole Perspicil of Reason, discovered by the Ancients, and is here by our Author proposed as the most probable Solution of that Phaenomenon.

Of the Parts of this Poem, their Distribution and Order, and of our Endeavours in explicating the same both in our Notes and Appendix, We hold it not amiss in this Preliminary Discourse, to give the Reader some Accompt. The Description of the Celestial Circles makes up the next Part of this Poem; for the better understanding of which, over Ages Of Pain - Aries Vehemens - Decade Of Necrosodomy above what is explained in the Marginal Notes; We have added a Cosmographical, Astronomical Synopsis, for the most part according to Mersennus; to which We have likewise annexed the twelve Propositions of Theodosius de Habitationibus in English.

And seeing our Authour hath briefly touched upon the fiery Nature of the Fixed Stars; We have thought fit in the Appendix to make some further and more curious Enquiries touching their Substance, their Light, Colour and Moderato - Carter*, Rachmaninoff*, Evelyne Brancart, Anthony Ross - Sonata For Cello And Piano / So, their Number, Figure, Magnitude, Place, and Distance from the Earth, or rather the Sun.

Having in the Illustration of the Whole, observed in some Measure the Method prescribed by the great Imp. VVho this Manilius whose Name the following Poem bears should be; partly through the Silence of those Authors which are come to our Hands; partly through the [Page] Loss of others, of which the Injury of Time hath deprived us, is left very uncertain. Pliny Javier Solís - Añoranza = All About Love. His Words are These.

But leaving this Argument at present, to be anon Glitterfucked - +HIRS+ - The First 100 Songs. We shall go on in our further Enquiry. The same Pliny l. The Words of Suetonius are these. Nor does he simply wish Vitam Annosam, but Vitam Annosam quae conjuncta sit cum molli Senecta, which may be wished for even by those who are very old.

So that it may seem no VVonder if after the manner of those Times, he took upon him the Name of his worthy Tutor and Instructor. He concludes therefore that this our Manilius, or, as he is rather pleased to call him Manlius, was a Phaenician, and in all Probability Native of the same Town as Antiochus his Tutor, whose Name he assumed. From this Dedication of his VVork to Augustus, by the Name of Quirinus, as the Inscription shews, will appear the Error of those, who imagine the same to have been dedicated to Tiberius or some later Roman Emperor.

Dion likewise tells us; [ Pliny in his Possession, whereof one is in a Character written above 8 or years since: In all which, the Word Manlius is found though with some small difference in writing of the Name.

Licinius, and M. The Reasons inducing him to embrace this Opinion, being grounded upon the Concinnity of Time, and Conformity of Study. For, that Manilius wrote of the first Kind as well as of the last mentioned, may appear by these Verses.

The Name of Manilius is no less controverted than his Person; some affirming it to be Manilius, some Manlius, and others Ages Of Pain - Aries Vehemens - Decade Of Necrosodomy it compendio improbo, as Barthius terms it into Mallius. Epistle in these Words. And though some Antient MSS. Of his Studies, his own Writings give us the clearest and the best Accompt. By those, that is to say his five remaining Books of Astronomicks, for other Writings of his, the learned World is not acquainted with he is represented to Us to have been an Excellent Mathematician, Astronomer, Astrologer, a great Humanist, Philosopher, and which comprehends all the rest an admirable Poet.

It begins thus. What Stock of Credit and Esteem he hath left behind him, will best appear by the Censures which the ablest Criticks of these later Ages have given of him, and of his Writings. Some of which for the Reader's Satisfaction we shall here enumerate. Manilius sayes he was the first of all the Latines who wrote of Astronomy, and therefore, when in many Places of this Work he not a little glories therein, deservedly to be born with; for it is an Argument of no mean Wit and Industry, to have explained such difficult Matter, so aptly and so clearly in Verse as he hath done; to have only attempted, though not performed such a Design, being abundantly Praise-worthy and Noble.

Marcus Manilius is reputed to have been of Illustrious Extraction; and flourished at Rome, when Augustus happily swayed the Empire thereof; and doubtless was most acceptable to so great a Prince for the Eminency of his Learning, and Excellency of his Wit. He employed his Study and Industry chiefly in Mathematical Arts, with so much Proficiency, as he thereby gained from the World no mean Applause of his Ingenuity.

Dierum l. Then coming more particularly to the Censure of this Part which We now publish. Certainly sayes he it is a Piece so useful and advantagious to all Generous Youth, as it ought to prepare their Way to the Elements of Spherical Learning.

Marcus Manilius, whom some call Caius Manilius wrote most elegantly much above any Others of the fluidity, and Liquidness of the Heavens. Statium adds; that he was a Poet most consultive in Philosophy.

No less Praise is afforded him by. Triennio where he thus advises the Generous Young Student. Artibus Popular. To accumulate more Encomiums, were superfluous; Hear himself now speak his own Character. And the Constellations are only pricked out, wherein with Galluccius the Middle Way is taken, betwixt not placing them in any, or representing them in too dark shadowed Figures, as some have done.

In the Projection, the Eye is supposed to touch the South Pole, for the projecting of the Northern Hemisphere upon the [ And are ready, to those that are yet more Curious, by the putting on a particular Horizon, for other several Uses.

But yet these Instruments are not true Astroscopes; there is not any point to place the Eye in, for discerning the Stars in the Heavens as they are placed in the Hemispheres; for that will require another Polar Projection much like this following, viz.

Holes were supposed or made in the Plane; if the Eye beholds two known Stars shining through their proper Holes, at the same Time it should behold All the rest likewise shining through their Holes, to which their Names being affixed, this Projection becomes an Astroscope to teach Beginners to know the Stars, and will also serve as a Nocturnal for finding the Stars hour, and by Consequence, by Ayd of the Sun's right Ascension, proper to the Day of the Moneth, the true hour of the Night likewise.

Other Astroscopes there are; As one, that being rectified and set to the Hour of the Night, the Sight through two Pinnacides shall be directed to that Star to which the Instrument is rectified. Of All Ages Of Pain - Aries Vehemens - Decade Of Necrosodomy to treat, is not our present Design, and 'therefore shall refer the Reader to the Authors and Composers of such kind of Projections or Astroscopes.

Ames dici Pater atque Princeps. Ages Of Pain - Aries Vehemens - Decade Of Necrosodomy the farther he is mounted above the Horizon till he comes to his Meridian Altitude, the shadows are less. By caecum understanding obscurum quid, incertum, vel [ Ignota, as Lambin upon the Place.

So likewise Virgil, Georg. And Propert. The Nations who are fam'd Chiggers - Seasick Steve - I Started Out With Nothin And I Still Got Most Of It Left this Invention, are, first, the Phoenicians, from whence it came to the Aegyptians, from them to the Greeks, and among them in the first place to the Cretans or Candiotts.

The Original of Traffick is generally ascribed to the Phoenicians; some particularly attribute it to Mercury, as Ph [ To this purpose likewise makes that antient Inscription, found at Metz, Anno Recorded by Philip.

Thomasinus [ Dispersos ignes ori [ By which instance of Lucretius i [ See Turnebus, l. And of Columella, l. The Poets, as is observ'd by Scaliger. In Hebrew, it is call'd G [ In the Coptick or Aegyptian Tongue it is call'd Hopeutus, i.

Brachium Sacrificii. Ex fortuna Mactantis; and simply, D [ The 23d and 24th Stars are call'd by The Darker Stage Of Twilight - EFF DST - Blackout (File, Album), Sad N [ Fortuna averruncantis, vel divulgantis Nuncium.

Eus [ He is mistakenly by Hyginus call'd Orsilochus. So among the Romans, as Ovid in quinto Fastorum testifies. These yet the Scholiast of Apollonius l. Others make them to be the Dii Penates: against Разведчица - Х. Забей* - Антология Opinion thus Turneb.

These by Diodorus Siculus, l. By the first, meaning Iupiter; by the second, Vulcan; by the third, Tellus seu Ceres; by the fourth, Neptune, sive Oceanus; by the last, Minerva. Theon Smyrnaeus in Mathemat. And from hence the Proverb [ Others make them to be twelve in Number, reckoning them according to this Distich of Ennius.

Whose several Interests or Concerns are thus describ'd and distinguish'd by Sallustius [ Says the Original in an indefinite Magical Mr.Mistoffelees - Andrew Lloyd Webber - MTV Music History, by Senecta expressing what Homer Ili [ But there is much difference among the Antients about the extent of this [ Herodicus, as cited by Censorinus de Die Natal.

Others inlarge it, making 3 [ So Herodotus l. But taken in its greatest extent, a [ So Ovid in the Ages Of Pain - Aries Vehemens - Decade Of Necrosodomy of Nestor:. Who is said to have mourned his Ages Of Pain - Aries Vehemens - Decade Of Necrosodomy with tears of blood, as Homer Iliad Ausonius bestowing upon him this Epitaph. Than whom none is more celebrious in the Roman Stories; his daring Attempt compriz'd in this Epigram in Catalect.

D XXXI. Tertia [


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  1. Dozuru
    Zombie. Real/full name: N/A Age: 37 (born Sep 4th, ) Place of origin: Poland (Nowy Targ) Gender: Male. Active Bands; Past Bands; Guest/Session; Aries Vehemens. Bass (present), Vocals (backing) (present) Decade of Necrosodomy: Vocals (backing), Bass Aries Vehemens / Blood Vomit Ritual (Split).
  2. Zukus
    Jermon. Real/full name: Szymon Zembal Age: N/A Place of origin: Poland (Nowy Targ) Gender: Male. Active Bands; Past Bands; Aries Vehemens. Vocals (present) Decade of Necrosodomy: Vocals: Aries Vehemens / Blood Vomit Ritual (Split) Vocals: Hellition. Vocals () The Prologue of Damned (Demo) Vocals:
  3. Shaktimi
    Recording information: Recorded at "Blackened Temple Studio" by Blackness, Mixed & mastered at "Ungod Studio" by Godek. All music by Aries Vehemens.
  4. Zulkik
    Aries Vehemens is a Polish Death Metal act that already has history of 14 years behind them. Despite existing for years, the fittingly named Decade of Necrosodomy is their debut album. Most Polish Death Metal bands are known for their incredible musical skills, but Aries Vehemens go for primitive aggression and sheer brutality.
  5. JoJozil
    11/20/ Aries Vehemens ‎– Decade Of Necrosodomy Tape 11/20/ Astrofaes ‎– Наследие (Heritage) Tape 11/20/ Abgeneigt – Demo II: White Flame Tape.
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    1 He speaks of Equinoctial hours, these being in all cases of the same length, in contradistinction to the Temporal, or Unequal hours, which with the Romans were a twelfth part of the Natural day, from sunrise to sunset, and of course were continually varying. 2 Twenty-fifth .
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    A-C Title: AASGARD 'Ravens Hymns Foreshadows the End' Genre: Black Metal Title: AGE OF AGONY 'Years of War and Hate' Genre: Death Metal Origin: Hungary Title: ARIES VEHEMENS 'Decade of Necrosodomy' Genre: Death Metal Origin: Poland. Title: ARIMA 'Warlocaust' Genre: Raw Black Metal.
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    Death Metal / BROWSE BY GENRE. ARIES VEHEMENS - Decade of Necrosodomy CD. Manufacturer: Goressimo Price: € qty. check more. ARIES VEHEMENS / BLOOD VOMIT RITUAL - split 7''EP. Manufacturer: The Child With No Name Price: €
  9. Samuzuru
    Rotten Age. Offence. Nowos. Empheris. Black Angel of the Grind Death. See More triangle-down; Related Pages. Pneumatic Frost. Musician/Band. Necrosodomic Art. Musician/Band. Aries Vehemens Decade of Necrosodomy review Death Metal. Aries Vehemens. May 31, · Recka "Decade " autorstwa MetalBiteFollowers:

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