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1478 Vihuri - VCV - 3753 Cruithne

Label: Second Sun Recordings - SSRCD-01 • Format: CDr Limited Edition • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Drone, Ambient
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It is an asteroid that, relative to Earth, orbits the Sun in a bean-shaped orbit that effectively describes How Heavy The Days - Anne Marie Giørtz - Breaking Out horseshoeand that can change into a quasi-satellite orbit. Its orbit takes it inside the orbit of Mercury and outside the orbit of Mars. West of the European Southern Observatory in Chile.

From throughCruithne made its annual closest approach to Earth every November. Although Cruithne's orbit is not thought to be stable over the long term, calculations by Wiegert and Innanen showed that it has probably been synchronized with Earth's orbit for a long time. There is no danger of a collision with Earth for millions of years, if ever. Its orbital path and Earth's do not cross, and its orbital plane is currently tilted to that of the Earth by Cruithne is in a normal elliptic orbit around the Sun.

Its period of revolution around the Sun, approximately days at present, is almost equal to that of the Earth. Because of this, Cruithne and Earth appear to "follow" each other in their paths around the Sun. This is why Cruithne is sometimes called "Earth's second moon".

Due to a high orbital eccentricityCruithne's distance from the Sun and orbital speed varies a lot more than the Earth's, so from the Earth's point of view Cruithne actually follows a kidney-bean -shaped horseshoe orbit ahead of the Earth, taking slightly less than one year to complete a circuit of the "bean". Because it takes slightly less than a year, the Earth "falls behind" the bean a little more each year, and so from our point of view, the circuit is not quite closed, but rather like a spiral loop that moves slowly away from the Earth.

After many years, the Earth will have fallen so far behind that Cruithne will then actually be "catching up" on the Earth from "behind". When it 1478 Vihuri - VCV - 3753 Cruithne does catch up, Cruithne will make a series of annual close approaches to the Earth and gravitationally exchange orbital energy with Earth; this will alter Cruithne's orbit by a little over 1478 Vihuri - VCV - 3753 Cruithne a million kilometres—while Earth's orbit is altered by about 1.

The kidney bean will then start to migrate away from the Earth again in the opposite direction — instead of the Earth "falling behind" the bean, the Earth is "pulling away from" the bean. The next Untitled - Various - Neurot Recordings I series of close approaches will be centred on the year — in July of that year, 1478 Vihuri - VCV - 3753 Cruithne will approach Earth to about After to years or so, the kidney-bean-shaped orbit approaches Earth again from the other side, and the Earth, once more, alters the orbit of Cruithne so that its period of revolution around the Sun is again slightly less than a year this last happened with a series of close approaches centred onand will next happen with a series centered on The pattern then repeats itself.

More near- resonant near-Earth objects NEOs have since been discovered. Other examples of natural bodies known to be in horseshoe orbits with respect to each other include Janus and Epimetheusnatural satellites of Saturn.

The orbits these two moons follow around Saturn are much simpler than the one Cruithne follows, but operate along the same general principles. However, none of these follow horseshoe orbits. Clarke Award for best science fiction in Cruithne is mentioned on the QI season 1 episode "Astronomy", in which it is incorrectly described as a second moon of Earth.

In a later episode, this mistake was rectified and it was added that Earth has over 18, mini-moons. It contains many Brood before Brand destroys it. In the Insignia trilogyCruithne has been moved into an orbit around Earth to serve as a training ground for the Intrasolar Forces.

In the third novel, Catalystit is intentionally directed at the Earth. While it is destroyed before impact, its fragments rain down on the Earth's surface, killing nearly million people across the world. In the science-fiction book series Aeon 14Cruithne appears as an inhabited moonlet, home to 'privateers', smugglers, Terran Rosita - Frank Ferrari - The Best Of (DVD) Fleet TSF outposts and corporate headquarters.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Earths 2nd moon. Alternative designations. Semi-major axis. Orbital period. Average orbital speed. Mean anomaly. Mean motion. Rotation period. Geometric albedo.

Spectral type. Cruithne and Earth seem to follow each other because of a orbital resonance. Cruithne appears to make a bean-shaped orbit from the perspective of Earth.

Retrieved 14 April Episode 2Season 1; aired 11 Sept Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Western Washington University Planetarium. Retrieved January 27, The Astronomical Journal. Bibcode : 1478 Vihuri - VCV - 3753 Cruithne Retrieved 25 November Retrieved 28 June Could we see it with an 11" reflector? Singapore Science Centre. Archived from the original on 30 September Retrieved 25 March Retrieved 26 September Archived from the original on 8 December The object simply cannot be a satellite of the Earth, as it moves from nearly the orbit of Mercury to outside that of Mars, and because sometimes it is in superior conjunction, at the far side of the Sun as seen from the Earth".

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    Cruithne by VCV, released 09 December 1. Valeria 2. Caniff 3. Vihuri 4. Coppelia 5. Verlaine 6. Ceskafilharmonie 7. Vargas 8. Caia 9. Vesuvius "Nine ambient recordings for nine forgotten planetary bodies. Using only guitars and a strict "no overdubs" rule, VCV solidify their debut album and establish themselves as authors of silent hymns.

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