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Bled These Hands - Argumentix - Nightmarcher

Label: Below PDX - Belowpdx08 • Format: Cassette • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Noise, Experimental
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Founded April A. Send your tapes to our headquarters or to one of our head writers. Jamaica Plain, MA Ryan - Cassette Gods email for address criticalmassesmedia at gmail. Born To Hang Out, huh? Is that what all these guys go and do when they leave shows all early and shit? Just kidding. The concept of this release is that all the artists featured on this comp live within the zip code in Los Angeles, and, as the name of their posse would suggest, they all hang out together all the time.

From this I presume the listener is supposed to glean some kind of sense of how cool it would be to kick it with the SoCal Noise Elite, maybe have a backyard BBQ. It is mentioned in the press release that this is the first cassette on Ecstatic Peace in well over twenty years. Apparently the label is a little rusty on how this whole thing should work. First off: by some anomalous dubbing fiasco, my copy of BTHO contains absolutely Bled These Hands - Argumentix - Nightmarcher audio in the right stereo channel.

Totally silent. Both sides of the tape. Secondly: the artwork is pretty janky—a pixilated picture on a flimsy piece of printer paper cut slightly too large to fit into the cassette case but crumpled up and rammed in nonetheless.

Bled These Hands - Argumentix - Nightmarcher they want me to tape over this? Spencer Yeh who definitely does not live in the zip joins the usual crew of John Wiese, Corydon Ronnau and Danny McClain with some frantic violin sawing. Tom Grimley really was born to hang out. Seeing him play is pretty much the most fun a person can have in Los Angeles.

To describe the nature of his performances would require much more space and attention than the Bled These Hands - Argumentix - Nightmarcher of the cassette review will allow. Suffice it to say that any recording pales in comparison to the experience of witnessing it live—yet the recording still fucking rules.

Obstacle Corpse Ronnau again closes out side A with a track that sounds just like Obstacle Corpse—which is great for people outside of LA, because this project is sadly under-documented, but for those of us who get to hear him play live every couple of weeks, Antonella Ruggiero - Libera piece is pretty unsurprising.

Again: maybe the left channel makes the whole thing come together much better. The multiple appearances by some artists on this comp seems a little bit cheap, but how many people can really live in the same zip code, right? Nobody has seen me at a noise show in LA in more than a year. Several of these tracks are great, and every one of the artists on this comp is a serious heavyweight.

BTW: this reviewer is looking forward to the inevitble beefs that will arise out of the creation of noise crews such as this. Scum Crew mixtapes to start hitting the streets. Tags: Allen PyleC. Quintessential K Records disciple gestures.

Low-mixed lyrics about…love? Dreamy and sad and wishing it was and Olympia, WA everywhere. Also: enough ivory tickling for even the most fervent Ben Folds fan. Tape is spray-painted pink and purple to get you in the mood. Tags: HardlycoreThe Purple Crayons. Blue Shift is one girl from Providence, RI who stands facing into a big Bled These Hands - Argumentix - Nightmarcher and plays the Awakening - Various - Ambient Archives Vol.

5 violin really violently. The time I saw her play in a Val Verde living room was harsh and shoegazy and cult. Total feedback immersion, shrieking string-scrapes, hair flying, back to the crowd, head down. This self-titled CS on Night People is a cut-and-paste document of some semi-recent live sets of hers, and finds her in a far more classical mood.

Several of the pieces are accompanied by stomping drums, but the majority are just an unamplified violin bowing out some weird, wandering note-flurries and then stopping. Lo-fi, mild, fine. Maybe I caught her on a wild night. Or a drunk one. I do recall Aaron from Sword Heaven standing on his head in a kiddy pool screaming across the hillside.

Tags: Blue ShiftNight People. So Rundownsun puts out the most consistently elegant cassettes in the underground these days. This Taskmaster tape, however, bothers the hell out of me. But within the folds of the nicely screened j-card is a copy of a permit to cultivate marijuana in Canada.

What the hell? This is harsh noise. The downfall of the wall aesthetic may very well be brought about by an association with stoney space-out jammyness. Anyway: the tape itself is really damned good. It sounds fucking huge. Side B, especially, sounds like a nuclear holocaust observed from hundreds of miles away. Tags: RundownsunTaskmaster. Apt artwork—the j-card: mostly white. The Lindomar Castillo* - Pela Paz Universal mostly white.

The sound source for these pieces seems to be white noise in the mathematical sense, as opposed to the Don DeLillo sense which is altered slightly throughout.

Hiss, a nice EQ, some Space Junk 1970 - Polestar - Space Expanses is to say that I like it quite a bit. It is an unusual sound, not something most harsh heads are interested in these days, but becomes quite haunting and evocative in its own windy way.

Super highly recommended. Tags: RundownsunWerewolf Jerusalem. Irish drone duo Quetzacoatl dropped dirty dozens of hazy, sprawling smoke-psych statements across an international array of micro-labels before secretly splitting up and not telling anyone.

Now, of course, word is out, and half the Quetz crew has resurrected under the solo moniker Bonecloud. XI: XI sounds just like any other Quetzacoatl CDR — damp delay fogbanks, oscillating currents of electric amnesia, hissy tape loops spinning in the sky.

Everything dissolves into itself, you lose track of time, and the C20 stops. Go buy another. Tags: BonecloudBuried Valley. Now I have to rewind….

Reminds me a lot of that Pillars of Heaven CS from several reviews back. Woozy one-man loop-scapes…lots of echo, oscillating tones, loosely new age hazy electronics beauty. Pixellated cover art of a telephone pole looks way too much like an ad for one of those terrible Vice Magazine t-shirt companies that there seems to be ten billion of.

Gets points for being dubbed louder than the last Have You Been To The Rock - Ted Egan - A Town Like Alice DNT tapes. Plucked Asiatic strings give way to waves of flute drones and quiet hand drums…synth specters flutter in the rafters, bearded voices sing against the city.

Swank glossy tri-fold J-card keeps the FIT standard up to par. Everything I had heard by this band previously was deeply vague, hushed, Finnish intimacy. Senselessly, the insert is covered with elementary school squirrels nibbling on nuts. Oh, Lieven. Tags: Bread And AnimalsUton. Swedish artist Mattias Gustafsson has maintained a prolific output in the two years that he has been releasing material under the Head Dirt - Godflesh - Streetcleaner of Flies moniker.

What sets "Consequences" apart from the legions of mixer-effects-feedback-loop projects is its sense of space, timing and consistency of atmosphere. Right off the bat the churning, guttural spasms and oscillations like helicopter blades brought to mind the likes of Withdrawal Method or Charlie Draheim, albeit with little or no microphone feedback.

Side two is more sparse than suffocating, with high pitched waves sharply contrasting with dark junk metal destruction followed by a ridiculously strange duet between a double bass and an animal like thumping sound.

Only during brief moments does "Consequences" dip into full-on harsh rumble except for the conclusion to the second side. Most of the recording is Świat Sprzed Lat - Eleni - 40 Piosenek, but only in the most foreboding sense.

Finally, the package Let The Bombs Fly - Electric Peace - Rest In Peace some fine "gross but clean" design work by Mattias Frisk, including a hilariously demented take on the Jagermeister logo. What appears to be the house band or one of a few?

The gross squeals and yowls which randomly bob from the epileptic pandemonium are more goofy than threatening. It's also kept short and to the point, which is always a good thing and warrants multiple plays.

The package equals the griminess of the sound with a "spray paint everything black" philosophy. For whoever cares: if you google "parsimoneous," you get this label and a bunch of entries for the "parsimoneous modeling of yield curves for US Treasury bills. Tags: Israeli IntelligenceParsimoneous Recurrence.

Far, far, far away Bled These Hands - Argumentix - Nightmarcher the relative sanity of his art-thrash days in Dynasty and Byron House, Russian Tsarlag captures a couple of the bad trip sing-alongs he was pushing during his last doomed leg of U. Drugged monotone ramblings about egg sandwiches and bleach parties over incompetent hand-clapping accompaniment.

Naked, disturbing, minimal, and insane. For fans of living life in a straightjacket. Tags: green tape recordsRussian Tsarlag. The riffs range from tentacled NoMeansNo fretwork freak-outs to half-time metal breakdowns to little league Lightning Bolt blur frenzies. Somewhere between the two.


The Divine - Submorphics - The Divine EP, The Man I Love - Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald Sings Gershwin No.2, Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Service With A Smile, LAmi Zantrop - Boby Lapointe - Master Serie, Vol. 2

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    Jun 29,  · It is mentioned in the press release that this is the first cassette on Ecstatic Peace in well over twenty years. Apparently the label is a little rusty on how this whole thing should work. Several of these tracks are great, and every one of the artists on this comp is a serious heavyweight. ARGUMENTIX "Nightmarcher" (Below PDX).
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