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Eth-Noh-Tec - Sharing The Light: Wisdom Tales For The New Millennium

Label: Eth-Noh-Tec Creations - none • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Non-Music • Style: Spoken Word
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Animal Communication Penelope Smith. May these dolphin messages and tales help you to float in the magical cetacean energy matrix. No dolphin or whale journeys are being sponsored by Penelope now. Many people have made emotionally fulfilling connections with dolphins and whales. Often, in their enthusiasm, people consider these wonderful marine mammals as superior to all other animal species because of the size of their brains, their obvious demonstration of intelligence that humans can relate to, and because of their willingness and ability to communicate with and contact Eth-Noh-Tec - Sharing The Light: Wisdom Tales For The New Millennium in meaningful and joyful ways.

I also have felt a longstanding spiritual connection with whales and dolphins, especially whales, the wisdom keepers for the planet. Having extensive long-distance communications with the dolphins and whales was evidently not enough in the master plan of my existence. My cetacean friends had more in store for my connection with them.

They were calling me to come to them in their waters and were gradually overcoming all my resistance. I declined for a number of reasons: I have had a tremendous fear of being in deep water.

I couldn't even stand water splashed in my face. I was subject to horrendous motion sickness; my uninhibited retching on a boat trip out of San Francisco Bay to the Farallone Islands was heard for miles. My photosensitivity was aggravated by water reflection Mirror School - Jeanne Vomit-Terror / Ed Sunspot - Resonant Hole Single Series Volume One precipitated migraine headaches.

I was easily sunburned and extremely heat intolerant. So, I felt I would be a drag to have along on a dolphin swim Spirit was moving in many ways to prepare me for this journey, dissolving the barriers which kept me from swimming with the dolphins. The dolphins told me I was to trust them and that I would be able to dive into the water and swim if I went on the trip. I had learned how to swim earlier in my life, but I had so much fear and constriction while in the water that I could rarely relax and enjoy it.

With the help of the dolphins before and during the trip, I got through the traumas that caused these fears and began an amazing journey.

Dance At The Gym - Leonard Bernstein - West Side Story (The Original Sound Track Recording) Miami, Florida on the afternoon of Friday, June 13,the dolphins contacted me to relay this message to our group of travelers to start our journey: We dolphins speak to you of our excitement and joy of your coming We have called you through the ages We messengers of light and grace.

No longer does humankind need fear The cacophonies of mindspeak We speak in laughter and pointed Seduce Me (Demo, August 22, 1990) - Roxette - June Afternoon We bring the wisdom of the deep ones to the surface Bubbling in our wake Dancing in your face.

Hear us with your unstructured self The harmony within that knows all wave motion as itself. We lead you on an exploration in conscious dimensional travel You have this encoded in your brain You have this encoded in your Soul Entity.

With your willingness, we can guide you on your own journey Into layers and dimensions of beauty and peace most of your kind have yet to see Follow us in the warm waters of the soul Let yourself be healed of Eth-Noh-Tec - Sharing The Light: Wisdom Tales For The New Millennium resonations stored or brought within Free yourself in the waves Dance the dance of Life with us Oh brothers and sisters of the land Welcome to our Touch Me - The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets home The blue-green waters reflect your peace within Leave behind forever the cares of human intellect Play within the Cosmic Heart We offer as our gift to lead the way Gently follow and merge with us in harmony Gently follow Gently, gently Smile Welcome home.

This one contained some of the richest soul food. In many ways we are the same. We are not afraid of who we are as spiritual and physical beings. We are one with the ocean and one with ourselves. Join us you who have learned to accept all De Liefste Oma Van De Wereld (Voor Jet) - Kinderen voor Kinderen - 30 Jaar TV Op DVD (DVD) of yourself as holy and good.

Join us in our play and lack of fear in our ocean home. We will show you how to express your nature in our water element as you do on land. We will transform your fear into confidence and fun. We will show you how. You are fortunate. We cannot go on the land and dance and sing, only in the water. You can do both, though of course we understand that you function best on the land.

Yet many of you overcome this to be with us. For this we admire you. Come, let us show you how to dance with us in the sea. We will help you as you have seen in your vision. We have been helping you all along to prepare for this. We moved you with your willingness through the degradation you suffered at the hands of human parents connected with the water of Life.

We feel the ocean within you, and we will help you feel at home in the ocean surrounding you. Relax and reach out to us. Now you are ready, and we sing to you. Stretch your arms and your courage in to the Mother of Life, our ocean Queen. We revere and respect all of Life around us. We love our human brethren and invite you to join us in all ways.

Now we return the gift by supporting your flight Shadow Waltz - Chet Atkins - Hi-Fi In Focus further freedom for yourself and all beings.

We support you in this as we know how you support others in their journey home. In this we are united. So we gladly extend our help where you need it. We need not fear any of them — the highs or the lows. We accept them all and "play" them Eth-Noh-Tec - Sharing The Light: Wisdom Tales For The New Millennium . We play our differences in energy and potential, even with high energy, or as humans sometimes say, with aggression. We do not regard our forceful nips and shoves as aggression.

It is our way to express the love within us that bursts forth through our bodies in high speed delivery. There are differences in energy expression among us also, and we pair accordingly. Rolando* - 5 To 8 EP we pair to contrast the energy and learn to express ourselves in different ways than are usual, harmonizing ourselves with others.

Sometimes we pair to match energies and joyfully abandon all care and surrender ourselves to our own freedom together. It is all good. It is the lesson of the pairing. Pair yourself according to your needs, and balance all chords of the symphony within yourself and with others. Give yourself the entire world and all beings as your playground. We will gladly be your guides in our areas of expertise, and we accept your piloting in areas we have not yet explored in realms that you know so well.

We are fellow travelers on the Earth. Let's continue to spread the message together. We are grateful you have heard our voice. We are grateful for your openness to the messages of all of Life.

We need those of the land to echo those of the sea and both ways around. There is no separation. We all have our circles, our families, our Love. Let us share it all in playful, joyful harmony.

Joyfully we go in prayers of gratitude for all interactions, all opportunities for communion. With us and in us, we invite you into the great Mother, our ocean Queen. Our life is yours. We are One Life eternally flowing. Let courage, grace, strength, sweetness, and all the qualities of your being be enhanced by our mutual giving.

Here we come! A beautiful underwater etheric music mystically echoed through the hull of the boat, which a number of people heard. Traumas were released and healed, and further telepathic deepening continued with the dolphins and human journeyers.

On the 19th the dolphins appeared at sunrise and circled the boat for over an hour with a few people observing them in awe. As they left, the dolphins instructed us all to go into the dolphin-charged waters. We felt rejuvenated, giddy with playful joy, feeling we could stay in the water forever. Spirals of activated energy Surround each of us in the water A gift of the dolphin family To each of us in kind.

We receive as we respond In Eth-Noh-Tec - Sharing The Light: Wisdom Tales For The New Millennium and gratitude A giving of the only gift Love pouring from the heart.

See the sparkles on the water A circle for each soul Counted in the sunrise To enrich us on our way. All the dolphins ask Is a meeting of heart, soul, and mind Recognized as messengers for all humankind Human and dolphin - united in a universal pod Spinning in the Wonderful Wino - Zappa* - Zoot Allures. Accelerated growth brings new capacity to love We are renewed, restored, purified, made whole In joy and love, we give thanks And travel on our way.

At our final meeting on land, one of our group asked me to ask the dolphins this very relevant question: "What information can the dolphins give us about what we can do to assist the Eth-Noh-Tec - Sharing The Light: Wisdom Tales For The New Millennium


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    Yes You Can, With Steel Pan is a fun, educational program for children ages 7 12 that utilizes the steel pan to impart musical and cultural knowledge.
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    Jul 07,  · 4th track from The Art of Metal Lyrics: We heard her calling us from far away Beyond the mists of time, the goddess now awakes A new millennium, a world that's lost .
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    Contributing Storytellers ecldi as a storyframer, one who structures stories around history, law, entrepreneurship, culture and life. He likes to share stories of wisdom, humor and the triumph of the human spirit. [tec] together distinctive cultural elements of the East and West [eth] to create new possibilities [noh]. Eth-Noh-Tec.
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    Mar 16,  · When I was in China with Eth-Noh-Tec in , we saw a waterfall in Yunnan that was considered to be the Dragon’s Gate, and had a statue at the top to demonstrate the story. I share that at the end of the story, since that makes it “real” to the children listening, although I tell them that there are other places in China that also claim.
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    Feb 10,  · It is truly a book of Wisdom for this Millennium, in the sense that it translates ancient wisdom for practical application in today's world. The material is a collection of Sri Sri's best knowledge. It has so much depth, yet it is easy to understand. It is also holistic and covers the topic from all 5/5(12).
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    Cetaceans are conveyors of ancient wisdom and planetary transformational energies. They expedite deep growth and healing on many levels, accelerating the telepathic connection of all life on Earth .

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